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Maa Illustrations is a premier based 2D Animation outsourcing Studio. Specialise in creating world-class computer animation and visual effects for a broad spectrum of media platforms like Internet, Television, Films, TV Commercials, Medical & Legal Applications, Education and Product Demos.

Our animation services Included:
  • Free story board
  • Unlimited option to choose the final character
  • Unlimited changes
  • We don't stop until you're totally satisfied
  • You own all the Copy Right of the animation

Why Choose Maa Illustrations

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Our 2D Animation Process

1. Animation Details

Client should provide us with a details script (story) for the animation, e.g. Duration of the animation, Number of characters, and characters descriptions

2. Characters creation

Based on character description provided by the client, we will illustrate and send 2 -3 pencil sketches for the characters. Unlimited options will be provided until the client is satisfied with the characters.

3. Story Board Creation

Upon approval of the character, we will create a draft story board for the client to review. The 1st three sets of revisions will be free of charge. Any additional revisions will be chargeable.

4. Animation Creation

Upon approval of the story board, we will create and sent to the client the first 10 seconds of the digital animation for review.

5. Animation Revisions

Client will revert back to us with changes and we will create the remaining duration for the animation.

6. Animation Formats

Lastly, when the final animation is approved we will send the approved animation in Flash SWF & Quick Time format.

Outsource Your Technical Illustration to India

India is the top destination for illustration projects. 66 per cent of publishing buyers from US and UK prefer to outsource to India over other competitors. The reason for this outsourcing boom to India is clear - cost advantage and high quality output. Under the guidance of Maa Illustrations, you can now enjoy the same cost benefits of outsourcing as these large corporations. We undertake complete and efficient organization of affordable, high-quality illustration from India.

Our Technical Illustration Process

  • We collaborate with you to gather every little detail of the illustrations required. We do all that is required to create accurate and appropriate visuals.
  • Based on this collaboration, we will create a couple of pencil sketches of the images. We provide flexibility of unlimited sketches and alterations, until we have your approval. We will stop only when you are ready to!
  • On approval of the final sketch, we will work with you on detailed description of each illustration required.
  • The illustrations created will be finalized only after your approval. Even at this late stage we give you the option of unlimited alterations.
  • Once the illustrations are finalized, we begin adding color to the sketches using the precise art of color discrimination. You still have the flexibility of minor alterations!! (eg. changing of color)
  • The final illustrations can be delivered to you in any format that you require.

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