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Are Book Illustrations Essential

Book illustrations are pictures or drawings usually seen in books. They are depicted to enlighten the reader with the innate concept of a book. They help easy understanding of book contents with the help of easy signs, symbols, images and cartoons. Book illustrations smack of the deeper parts of a book, which is the viewpoint or the message. The designers or artists who design illustrations are experts in understanding the deep truths of a book and depict most precise illustrations. Thus they help to make books a comprehensible account. Illustrations have advantages and disadvantages. Let us have look in to it.

Talking about the advantages, there are many. But two of the advantages are significant. One is the clarity of message it gives and the other is the beauty it adds to the book. These two features are persuasive in all illustrative books. Mainly, the intention of having an illustration is to give a message without the help of words. The illustrations explain hidden contents in the written format, in a cosy manner. Hence, we can say that illustrations are very much essential for the comprehension of the contents in a book.

The second advantage of book illustrations is the chic it gives to the book. Illustrations provide exceptional beauty to books. Beautiful illustrations attract people of all ages to the book. For example, illustrations with attractive colours and fun cartoons are love by old and child alike. These make illustrations an extraordinary subject that beautifies a book as a whole. Thus we can say that illustrations are decorating materials of a book.

Like there are advantages, book illustrations have disadvantages too. They help in creating good impression, but at the same time it is costly. Printing book illustrations includes additional expenditure. The expense of the ink and printing paper has gone up. Therefore book printing has become costly. Along with this if we add space for illustrations, cost of the books will surge heights. Hence while considering to print book illustrations, one may have to compare the cost factor.

The other main disadvantage of book illustration is that it consumes space of printing and time taken for printing a book. A book without any illustrations does not want extra pages for printing illustration. Thus, by saving pages, the size of the book reduces and hence the space. Illustrations are also time-consuming as they require more time to design and print. For publishing a book quickly, one should avoid illustrations in it to avoid time lagging of publishing. These two reasons contribute to the declining of use of book illustrations.

If we consider only the negative part of book illustrations, it does not worth. But, when we look at the positives and advantages of book illustrations, it is worth our weight in gold. Book illustrations are useful in this modern fun loving world. Use of book illustrations will definitely boost the sale of books. The high book sales can overcome the cost of publishing. Apart from monetary benefits, the quality and standard of book remain pervasive. Hence, it is essential have good book illustrations.