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How To Find An Illustrator For Children’s Book

Children’s books are not always about the words, story, and the morals. Sometimes it is about illustration in those books. It is believed that the author of the book hires the illustrators. But this is not true. Most of the illustrators are hired by the publishing companies. This can prove sometimes disappointing for the writers because they won’t get the freedom to include illustrations according to their visual imagination.

 When the writer approaches a publishing company they appoint an illustrator to create illustration for the book. This may or may not be a good idea. If you are lucky to get a good illustrator who understands your story well then your book is in the right hands. If you are a children’s book illustrator, you should know that you have very few choices to get the right illustrator to work on our book. Few of them are discussed below.

An option available to you is self publishing. It is a very difficult process. But it is one of the ways you can get a good illustrator for your children’s book. There is another way. If you have the skill to draw then you can use your own illustration. But you will need to work hard to sell it too since you are not a professional illustrator. You can use the internet to give the needed boost to your book.

There are thousands of publishing companies that allow you to publish your book. But they charge hefty amount too. At times this is the best option available. If you have time on your hand for marketing the book and money to spend for printing then it won’t be a problem. This is the best option for those who don want to depend on others to sell their book.

Another option you have is to convince the publisher that you are a writer and at the same time you are an artist too. This is more difficult than doing self publishing. When you are sending the first manuscript you don’t have to include the illustration with it. The publishing company doesn’t prefer to get email after email of your work and illustrations. It is really had to put across the point that you are a good illustrator. If your images are good show them to the publisher.

 If the publisher finds your illustrations suitable for the book then your job is done.  If you are a new author get ready to face some rejection from the publishers. If you are not so sure about your artistic skills then let the publisher find the best artist for your book. For some of the writers writing a children’s book is not simply for the story. They write it to do illustration. In such case, the best thing that the author can do is to become an illustrator instead of a writer.

These days the book published for children have become an album of colourful illustration. Due to this many writers and artists want to publish their own children’s book. But they should make sure that the illustrations in their book match the story line.