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How To Land On A Good Illustration Job

Do you have a flair for painting and drawing? Then you might want to become an artist or illustrator. This is a job that doesn’t pay you much at the initial stage. It is also hard to find a place and make a name for your self. After reading this you might think why then become an illustrator. This is not a lone situation. This situation is faced by almost everyone while the beginning of their career especially those related to the field of art. But once you impress the clients and make a name for yourself you will get name and fame.

Well then let’s have a look at the elements that can help you to get ready to land on a good illustrator job. Internet is a great source for learning. People take out prints of graphic designs and illustrations to make use of it for advertisements and other commercial purposes. You can use these prints o learn about the designs. Go to an illustration company’s website. In the website you will find free design template. You can download one or two templates and experiment your ideas and skill on them. 

Illustration is getting more popular in the current scenario. Technology has also improved the way illustration is viewed today. Illustration is used in various fields such as animation, cartoons, movies, magazines, educational guides, websites, advertisements, books and many more. It is used in almost all jobs around the world. Almost all the print media and visual media use illustrators.  Since there are so many opportunities you can apply for this job online too. The only thing you need to prove is that you are a good illustrator so that the companies will hire you.

If you have the ability to draw then find a reputed art school to horn your skills. A degree from a good fine arts college will enhance your chances of getting a good placement. From the school you will learn to work on all drawing and illustration mediums such as pencil, chalk, pen, charcoal, water colour and various other forms. You will also learn to draw different styles that include cartoons, caricatures, landscapes, portrait, abstract art, etc. when you search online to have a look ate the areas an illustrator can work on, and the list will be huge. The remuneration for this work entirely depends on your skill and the industry you choose to work with.

If you are searching for something more exciting and creative then animation and film fields are perfect for you. You can learn much more about the different job options you will get by getting on the path to become an illustrator. Select any of the areas you prefer and apply for them. But you have to create a good resume and portfolio of your work to post on the job sites. Portfolio is a very important thing you should have with you while applying for an illustrator’s job. It should contain variety of works done by you.

If you have the ability o draw well then definitely you will get a good position in any firm as an illustrator.