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Tools In Illustrator For Making Lines

Any object in an illustrated book will have a fill and a line or stroke. Lines are strokes that are seen at the edges of the objects depicted in the illustrated books.

The thickness of line or stroke can be measured in terms of points and colour depth. Lines have the characteristics that influence the appearance of the illustration like caps, joins, limits, alignment, gap lengths, and dash styles. A line or a stroke is formed with the help of tools in Adobe Illustrator. It is easy to create lines in Illustrator and it gives the convenience of sizing the thickness of the line between 0.001 and 1000 points.

There are many ways to make changes in a stroke. The best ways is to open the Stroke palette and make sufficient changes using the attributes mentioned in the palette. Change the value in the weight box to change the weight of the stroke. You can change the cap style by choosing it from the palette and modify the end of the stroke. There are many options for changing cap style like rounded cap, projected cap or butt cap. This cap style change is possible only if the stroke or line do not have a closed path. When the line has a closed path, the cap style will be apparently invisible at the end of the line.

The stroke palette helps to control the manner in which Illustrator shapes the corners of the line. The corner of the line, which comes outside of the line, can be adjusted in three ways in Adobe Illustrator. The Mitre Limit is a tool that has certain values, which determines the meeting point of the edges of two lines. The Mitre Limit value is multiplied with the width of the line to determine the extent to which mitre can be extended beyond the joining point of two lines. Usually illustrator has a value 4 as default.

Adobe Illustrator also makes convenient for making round joins, outside the corner of the object. It helps to make right-angled joins too. Thus, Mitre value helps in making precise joins in the line illustrations.

Illustrator CS2 is the most novel of the Adobe Illustrator series. It has many more controls in Stroke Palette. They help to align the line or stroke with the help of Align stroke controls. You can turn the alignment as and how you like and make appropriate line illustrations.

The other main feature of Illustrator CS2 is the Dash Pattern control. Usually dash pattern for lines r strokes are solid. Some patterns have broken lines. To turn on dashed line, one can choose the Dashed Line tab in the Stroke Palette. This allows varying patterns with different lengths and thicknesses. You can also choose the distance between two dashes. Thus, Illustrator is useful for making apt dash-patterns.

Adobe illustrator also convenes use of colours for strokes and lines. You can choose more variant of colours in the latest Illustrator CS2. You can also adjust the transparency and depth of a colour in Illustrator.

If you are planning to depict a line illustration, Adobe Illustrator is a convenient tool. They are very useful in making the best line illustrations.