5 Reasons Why Illustrations for Kids are Important

Have you ever wondered why kids are drawn to illustrated story books than regular school textbooks? Do you think it has something to do with a popular saying,” a picture is worth a thousand words”? Yes, it has something to do with it and more than that. Though the storyline is important, illustrated characters make them readable. This blog explores 5 reasons why illustrations for kids are important.

Illustrations encourage kids to read, even before they understand it
Many times, parents give some colourful books to kids for keeping them busy. At such a young age, a kid may not understand the storyline or purpose, but they are easily drawn to colorful illustrations in the book. This becomes their first tryst with reading and keeps them occupied for hours.

Illustrations make great learning tools
Illustrations are eye-catching and they are used to teach kids in schools. An illustration becomes a stand alone for an idea. For example – Kids are introduced to vegetables, fruits, animals and birds through illustrated books. It becomes easier to relate to the vegetable or fruit kept before them by remembering the illustration in the story book.

Illustrated pictures also help kids to understand more complex subjects such as historical lessons, scientific formulae’s, etc. An illustrated book on the solar system, for instance, can help a kid to memorize planets and satellites.

Today, illustrated books are widely used for teaching complex scientific or engineering concepts as well as languages in schools and vocational courses.

Illustrations can bring out the best in the child

Generally, illustrated books are used for teaching kids in the early  years of their life because they help them to understand the world around them. A child can only perceive the world in a non-abstractive manner. The illustrations will him/her conceptualize things in an abstract manner and triggers their imagination as well. They start connecting things with images and accompanying text.

Karen Lotz of Candlewick Press says that illustrations reinforce analogical thinking in kids. As kids interact with illustrations, they start filling the missing themes. Various studies suggest that illustrations help to develop cognitive behaviour and reasoning in young kids.

Illustrations can be used to convey complicated concepts in a simple and safe manner

Nowadays, illustrated “Adventure Series” colouring books are gaining popularity. These illustrated books discuss various themes from drug abuse, elder abuse, fire safety practices and a variety of other themes that parents and teachers fail to convey properly. Many of these colouring books feature an image slot at the end that allow kids to insert their image, so that they continue to feature through every page and become part of the adventure trip, while learning some great things. Illustrated story books are largely used to convey complex concepts in a simple manner.

Illustration help kids to build up their vocabulary

As mentioned above, kids follow illustrated books to understand things in the early phases of development. They will start understanding complex words in a simpler way through pictorial clues.

Illustrated educational books are fun to read and kids love to re-read them as often as they can.

If any of the above-mentioned reasons convince you to believe why illustrations for kids are important, then you can try out following things, too.

  • Go to the library and discover the new illustrated book on the block
  • Sit with the kid and read the book aloud
  • Tweet an interesting illustration for his friends
  • Go to your local bookstore and buy it for the kid
  • Feel free it for your kid and few of his friends as well

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