How To Land On A Good Illustration Job [SUCCESS AS AN ILLUSTRATOR]

If you have a flair for painting and drawing and want to spend your life doing just that, then you might think of becoming an artist or an illustrator. As an illustrator you may have a slightly rocky start to your career till you are able to establish your credentials in the field. But if you have the talent, training and the right attitude, you are sure to attain success as a reputed professional illustrator.

So what are the factors that are necessary to create a successful career path for you in the field of illustration?


It is always a good idea to enhance your natural talent with a course from a fine arts institution. In the classroom you will learn to work with a range of mediums such as pencil, chalk, pen, charcoal and water colour. You will also learn to draw in different styles, including cartoons, caricatures, landscapes, portrait and abstract art. Having a degree from a reputed institute can only improve your chances of getting a good placement.


The internet can be your best friend when it comes to keeping yourself abreast of the latest trends in the illustration field. You can download free design templates from the website of illustration companies and experiment with them to hone your skills. Having the right technical skills is also important in executing your creative ideas to perfection, so keep updating yourself on that.


Marketing your talent and skills is important within the business circles. You can begin with a website that is user friendly and search engine friendly. You can garner attention by putting your work up for display for potential clients and employers on the website.

Illustrations are used in various fields such as animation, cartoons, movies, magazines, educational guides, websites, advertisements, books and many more. Illustrations are used in almost all jobs around the world. Since all the print media and visual media use illustrators, there are ample opportunities for you out there. You can contact the agencies you are interested in working for and send the art directors samples of your work.  Always have a portfolio of your work ready when you are applying for a placement as an illustrator.

The success and remuneration that you get as an illustrator depends entirely on your skills and the specific field that you are working in. So plan wisely, choose well and put your best foot forward at all times.

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