How To Make Good Characters

The main feature of a children’s book is the children itself. For any children’s cartoons or books, audience is children. Therefore, central characters should be children to attract them. Let’s have a look at various characters in Cartoons ad children’s books.

While making a picture book the description of the characters are not needed. It is explicit in the pictures and children can understand it easily. This helps the author to save his words and use the pictures more creatively. The pictures help in visually expressing the characters.

In the case of chapter books and easy readers, illustrations play a greater role. With limited number of words, they express the main concept in the note using the illustrations. Only those details, required for explaining the plot, are now put in words in modern books.

For instance, if one is writing about a boy who has a weird look and specs on his eyes, then illustrations are enough for expressing it rather explaining the concepts in words.

The necessary factor that one needs to consider while writing the short children’s books is that it should be attractive to the children. In other words, it should connect to the mindset of small children.

To make impact with the character you create, you should consider that character as original and existing. This can be done by watching people close by you and creating appropriate characters that can bring the right impact on the children. But, you should be careful while mixing the traits of characters i.e. it one trait should not stand opposing to the other. In addition, it is not advisable to copy a single person’s trait in the entire character because you may be opposed by that person.

Always shun stereotypes. They will be uninteresting and lacklustre. These writings are examples of sluggish writing. Therefore, be always creative while creating a character.

A character is revealed through its dialogues and actions. Actions show the basic nature of a character. The reaction of the character during a particular situation, and its conduct depends upon factors like experience, background, and personality.

For example, a child who had felt the heat of the fire will never go near it and his or her reaction while seeing a fire is different from a child who has never felt the heat of fire. Therefore, one should make note of these peculiarities of children and make characters that are believable.

Habits are a part of the character. Some writers give importance to habits of characters and create characters based on these habits. For example, some characters chews nails when they are about to fight. These habits should be reduced in the characters because it will impart a negative influence on children. In addition, a character should not have too many habits. It will create a complexity to the characters. It may even make your work more difficult.

Concluding, making the right characters is very important. The best picture books are those which are short and less descriptive. A good children’s book will have good illustrations to attract children.

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