Increase Your Ad Revenue Using Cartoon Illustration

Cartoon illustrations are extensively used in advertisements today. It is an excellent way to communicate to the audience. It is also used in ads given in websites. If used in the right way, cartoon illustrations can attract the attention of the readers to the articles and advertisements on your website. It also ensures that you will get the maximum visitors for your website. While placing an advertisement in the website you should know about certain things. What is the best option available to make the visitors notice the ad? How can you persuade the visitors to see the ad?

Various studies have shown that advertisements that are placed on top of the webpage are noticed easily by the readers or visitor whereas; the ads given on the end of the page are hardly noticed by them.  This is because you won’t look for any information on the end of the page. All the important information is available on the starting of the webpage. Advertisements with graphics are not so popular with the readers. The surfers will come across hundreds of such ads while surfing through web pages. So they tend to ignore it most of the time. In such a situation it is better to use text ads. They fetch more response than the banner and other kinds of fancy ads.

The most important thing you have to keep in mind while placing an ad in the webpage is that the ad should not look like an ad to the visitors. When you visit a webpage you may come across many pop-up ads. It will irritate the surfer. The surfer has gone to that particular webpage to get some information.hte ads obstruct the surfer from reading the content of the page. This may persuade the surfer to leave the page to browse some other website for obtaining the same information. So, while placing the ads be sure that it is not irritating or obstructing the surfers from accessing information on your webpage. You have to make sure that the ad blends nicely with the other contents on the page.

You can use illustrations and images in your ads as far as the reader does not find it intruding and irritating. While using an image make sure that the image does not appear as a part of the advertisement. This is because the image might block the reader. If the ad comes along with the content it can still grab the attention of the readers and encourage them to read the ads and may be respond to them. A very effective way to grab the attention of the readers is by using cartoon illustrations on the webpage as a part of the ad.

People love cartoon characters. So they are a natural and easy device to attract readership. When the readers see a cartoon illustration the first thing that comes to their mind will be fun. If you own a webpage the advertisers will definitely like the idea of using cartoon illustration as a part of their advertisement. Try to use cartoon illustrations as much as possible so that you get maximum attention to your webpage from the visitors.

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