Medical illustrations – Purpose and Scope

What is Medical Illustration?

Medical illustrations produce visual images to assist in recording and broadcasting medical related information.  Medical illustrators are professional artists with wide knowledge in communication and technology and in the field of medicine and science.  They comprehend complex scientific knowledge, analyse it and put in a concise visual image with accuracy and beauty.

The field of Medical illustration is a highly specialized field.  There is a lot of demand for this exclusive service, but in reality there are just a few quality medical illustrators in the field.  There might be a few reasons for this, like low availability of medical illustrators or fast growth in health care technology.  As there is increasing research and development going on in the medical field, there is also need for medical illustrators who could provide illustrations.  But there is a great scope for the medical illustrator. The role of a medical illustrator is like the role of a professional artist, he requires advanced learning in the medical field and visual images.  He needs to corroborate with medical professionals, specialists, doctors and scientists to convert complex medical information into comprehensible images that can be understood by the common man.

Medical Illustration requires specialized professional expertise that supports other medical professions.  Medical illustrators are experts in photography, visual imagery, graphic design etc.  A medical illustrator works along with several experts and professionals in the medical field to get the required outcome.

What Purpose does Medical Illustration Serve?

Medical illustrationsaims at communicating complex medical images and scientific outcomesinto visual images through expertiseacquired over several years of learning. Since medical illustration is very handy and useful, its purpose is to be accurate, clear and aesthetic.  It should be self-explanatory in nature and the illustrator should give it full artistic expression. Medical illustration are used in educative books, advertisements, websites, teach aids, 3D models, posters, fliers etc.

The advent of new scientific studies and advancement in medical sciences has added to the demand for medical illustrations.  Medical illustrations require great skill and knowledge of complicated concepts of medical science.  The medical illustrator should have the talent and skill to turn these themes into visual images. The visual images that depict complex concepts should be creative and scientifically accurate.  Softwares like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe illustrator are very useful for medical illustrators wherein images can be processed accurately.

The Work of a Medical Illustrator

A medical illustrator should make basic straight observations from the given material.  They should make inferences from reference materials and talk to the clients at regular intervals to achieve hight productivity.

Medical illustrators should at certain times think out of the box and highlight specific structures in order to simplify complex images.  Medical illustrators should be open to whatever the outcome of their art may be and keep their mind open to different possibilities without any preoccupations.  They should be creative, open and innovative and if necessary consider themselves amateurs in this field.  Every day is a new day, every project is unique, and no matter how much expertise the illustrator has, he should be able to leave everything behind in order to surge ahead in his work. Medical illustrations pose a challenge to the illustrator to produce visual images that are beautiful and look appealing.  The visual images like these will surely attract the attention of the reader and will reach the desired effect.

Work activities

Medical illustrators use their talents and skill to create resources that can be used in the field of healthcare like education, advertisements, teaching aids, websites and medical journals.Medical illustration also involves graphic images and photography.  In certain cases, the medical illustrator may be required to take photographs of the patient’s disease condition. These photographs may be used to monitor the efficacy of medical treatment and medical procedures on the patient.  The medical illustrator uses specialized technique to catch 3-D images to be used in his project.   It could be also used for publicity purposes like advertisements, annual reports, websites or newspapers.

The scope and future of medical illustration

The field of medical illustration has a great future ahead. The field of medicine is advancing rapidly every day.  Research and development abounds all the more, everyday new breakthroughs are being made in the field of science and technology.  Medical illustration is consistently evolving.  Medical illustration requires progressive technology in representation of visual images.  In the former days, medical illustrators used watercolour, pen and airbrush etc., to create medical illustrations.  But with the onset of computers they now use the most advanced computer-generated images with the aid of sophisticated software.  Medical illustration has evolved from conventional illustration.   Nowadays, every sphere depends heavily on digital technology and medical illustration likewise does.  Medical illustrators should keep updating themselves with the emerging trends in the scientific world and use updated software and new platforms to create their illustrations.  They keep themselves abreast of information by regular correspondence with clients and reading medical journals etc.

Fulfilling the demand for beautiful and innovative medical illustrations

The demand for beautiful and innovative medical illustrations are always on the rise, be it websites, medical journals or magazines.  The medical illustrator should be proficient enough to produce most accurate and aesthetically pleasing medical illustration and animations in order to market their visual images.  The medical illustrator should put together expertise, talent, innovation and creativity constantly to yield a variety of visual images catering to clients satisfactions.

Most elite illustration companies provide a wide assortment of services and possibilities. The team should have conventional illustrators as well as illustrators with knowledge in digital technology.  The team should have the required talent to handle great diversity of projects.   Huge prestigious projects should be handled with proper planning and proper handling.  The proposals should be detailed and client satisfaction is the primary goal.  All projects should be completed on time in order to ensure quality and time management.

The process of medical illustration needs creativity, accuracy and time management.  The studio should be completely equipped with proper reference study materials, research and development lab and latest software.

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