New Way To Use Illustration Design For Technical And Marketing Publications

Communication, external and internal, is very important in the world of business. This is why companies rely on technical and marketing publications. The publications brought out by companies need a lot of attention since they are a great source of communication. Marketing publication connects the company with the market and the technical publication is meant for the employees of the company and the customers too. Both these publications require the attention of graphic illustrators. They depend heavily on illustration design. The technical publication instructs the technician to assemble or replace a particular component in a machine where as the marketing publication educates the customer on a product and it merits.

For example, think of a customer who does shopping on the internet for a particular product. What do you think? Will the customer buy a product that he has not seen? It may or may not happen. Most of the time the customer purchase a product online depending on the image alone they see on the internet or any product magazine. This is where a good illustrator’s job begins. If the image is attractive and eye-catching it will persuade the customers to buy that particular product even without seeing it. So what are the areas that require illustration in the above mentioned publications? Let’s begin with technical illustration. For the past few decade illustrators used pen and pencil to draw the illustrations. But today the illustrators use digital technology which helps them to work faster.

Why is it necessary to have illustrations in technical publications? Illustrations can convey complicated technical information in a very simple manner to the target audience. The information conveyed is considered valuable if the target audience is able to perform an action successfully or make a decision which is explained in the guide or manual. Technical communicators often work closely with the engineers to create technical publications for various types of media that includes printed, visual, and online media. Some of the technical publications that you come across in day to day life are online help, user manuals, instruction manuals, technical guides, white papers, specifications, catalogues, process and procedure manuals, reference cards, data sheets, journal articles, patents, training guides, business papers and technical reports.

Then what about the illustration designs used in marketing publications? Here too the illustrations play a similar role as it does in the technical publications. Marketing publications are mainly used to promote the products and services of corporate companies and business organisations. It is also useful for the professionals too. You will find many articles written by experts in various fields. The main purpose of this magazine is to make the market and the customers aware of new products and its specifications. Illustrationis used to enhance the image of the products used in the magazine to persuade the reader to purchase it or at least go through the article.

Today people expect good quality publications from corporate companies and business organisations to get accurate and valuable information. So make sure that the illustration used in the magazine provides that professional look you need to impress the customers and create a good impression.

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