Skills Needed By A Graphic Illustrator

Graphics illustration industry, like most creative industries, is constantly changing because of changing consumer tastes and emerging software technology. Graphic illustrators need to stay at the forefront of new trends and constantly upgrade their skills to meet the challenges of the evolving market.  Besides the ability to constant reinvent, graphic illustrators should also have the following basic skill set.


Typography is the art and technique of arranging type and it is central to the work that a graphic illustrator does. Typography is not just about making the words legible, a graphic illustrator must understand the fundamental concepts of typography and apply it such that the choice of typeface synchronises with the design and colour scheme.  Mastering the typography techniques can make a good illustrator into a great illustrator. Using the typography tutorials to help with the basics and using this knowledge to fine tune creative intuition is the best way forward for graphic illustrators.

Generation of Ideas

Like any other profession, graphic illustrators need to have an innovative approach towards their work in order to achieve professional success. Ability to think up creative ideas and a clear plan to translate those ideas into reality is an essential skill for career growth. Graphic illustrators need to develop their creative skills with reading and by collaborating with other creative thinkers.

Social Network

Building up a good set of interpersonal skills and a solid social network is the key to a sustainable career as a graphic illustrator. Building positive relationships is important both personally and professionally for a graphic illustrator. Many illustrators are self-employed and therefore, work alone. A good social network not only provides support and feedback on your work, it also helps in making fresh contacts and drumming up business. It is necessary for graphic illustrators to attend seminars and networking events and to carry contact information when they go to meet people.

Business Skills

The last essential skill set for a design illustrator is business savvy. An illustrator must have adequate knowledge of management, finance and marketing in order to build up a successful career or business. In addition, an ability to understand customer challenges and ensure customer satisfaction is important because a loyal and stable customer base is the foundation of all successful businesses.

If an illustrator has the talent, drive and these essential skills, she/he definitely has what it takes to succeed in this highly competitive industry.


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