The Art Of Contemporary Illustration

To define illustration is quite difficult since it covers many segments, styles and genres. Well you can say that illustration is s visual presentation f various subjects. This is done by means of drawing, painting or photograph. The art of illustration has changed a lot with the emergence of computer and World Wide Web. Different types of software are present in the market which helps you to create stunning illustrations. This software helps you to save time and money while creating an illustration.

Illustration is used to illustrate textbooks, steps of instructions in manuals, the various moods and emotions of characters in a story, visual advertising, certain concepts, themes, and lots more. Illustration usually supports the main subject. Though its role is secondary it does not mean that illustration is not important. Ti compliments and accompanies the text or a particular concept. Illustration expands the meaning of a subject for the audience or the readers to understand the context and situation more clearly.

Have a look at some of the magazine. You will find illustration everywhere starting from the front cover tot the back cover. Today illustration is used in a variety of fields. It is considered as a very effective medium of communication. Illustration has been in use for centuries all around the world but it developed as a prestigious profession in the past few decades. With the emergence of technology traditional method of illustration took a back seat. But still there are illustrators who use traditional methods for illustration. Computer illustration has created a new dimension in the world of illustration.

A branch in illustration named contemporary illustration is gaining popularity today. To write a definition for contemporary illustration is not easy. The word contemporary means “modern” or “current”. It represents the present day art and illustration. Contemporary illustration includes all the illustrations created during the modern age including the digital age. This illustration is use in almost all the fields today that includes areas such as digital art, Photography, Illustration, Music, Painting, Sculpture, Video art, etc. today there are museums and art galleries that exhibit contemporary art and illustration. Contemporary artist are quite different from modern artist. Modern art deals with the discovery of new things with the stroke of a brush or colours.

The contemporary illustration came into existence when illustrators started to deviate from the traditional methods of illustration. Illustrators started to use modern tools and techniques to create illustration. This is where the age of contemporary illustration began. With the rise in demand for illustration artists where forced to find techniques and methods that could help them to deliver the images faster. With the arrival of computer and internet this task became easier.

Contemporary illustration has changed the way artists work. The style used to create contemporary illustrations always varies depending on the subject. It is an attempt to break away from the older ways of visualisation. Today artist use innovative methods to create eye-catching illustrations. Contemporary illustration has opened a new window for the illustrators to explore the word of art.

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