Portrait Illustrations

To create a portrait, an illustrator can begin with a photo or start from the scratch without using any reference image. There are a variety of illustration styles, techniques and media that can be used by the artist depending on the result required. Every illustrator has his own preference when it comes to the tools for portrait illustration. Paper-pencil, paints, collage or even illustration Continue Reading


There is a whole world out there for an aspiring illustrator to learn from. But one of the best ways for a novice to hone his talent is by taking inspiration from the classics in children’s literature. When it comes to children’s books, the illustrators often get the short shrift and readers usually never remember the name of the illustrator, even if they have read the book a hundred times and Continue Reading


Instagram is often underestimated as a marketing tool but it can be a great friend to entrepreneurs, especially young upcoming illustrators who don’t have millions to spend on promotional campaigns. Used wisely and well, Instagram can get you enough followers to bring you into the spotlight and fuel the sales of your work. Here are some tips to keep in mind while trying to figure out what works for Continue Reading


Although Clip Studio Paint has been in the market for a few years now, it is not as widely recognised as Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. It is possible that marketing it under the name “Manga Studio” had something to do with its limited popularity in the illustration and design circles. However, the reviews from its users have generally been excellent and many rates it on par with, or even higher Continue Reading


Although there can be varied financial arrangements between publishing houses and illustrators, there are some established norms which are generally followed by most publishers in business. This holds good for almost all publishers, regardless of their size and the type of genres that they specialize in. Advance plus Royalties This is probably the most common arrangement between the illustrators Continue Reading


For illustrators to acquire success in children’s literature, they require not just great illustration skills and storytelling ability but also a keen knowledge of audience taste. Illustrators need to have a deep knowledge of children’s literature and an ability to discern which subjects are appropriate for which age groups. Working as an illustrator for children’s books is an exciting but also Continue Reading

The magic of print books

The unending battle of print books vs. ebooks has not thrown up any clear winner so far. Both sides have their ardent supporters but while ebook fans mainly harp on the convenience factor, those who champion print books prefer to speak of the unique experience that print books provide. Physical Pleasure of Print Books Every avid reader is aware of the intimate experiences that a print book can Continue Reading

Graphic Novel for Children

The legendary illustrator, Dave Gibbons is the creator of Watchmen, the best-selling graphic novel of all time.  He is an ardent advocate of the graphic novel as a way to get children hooked on to reading because he believes that ‘in today’s very visual world, the pictorial qualities and cinematic structure of graphic texts have a particular attraction to young people.’ Considering the importance Continue Reading


Being an author means never being off-duty, especially when it comes to marketing your book. This vacation season find new and creative ways to promote your book and sell extra copies.  And if you are headed for a vacation yourself, find new places to market your book. A perfect plan for the most exciting (and profitable!) vacation you have ever had! Vacation Plan If you are travelling Continue Reading