Creating a Building in Illustrator

1 It is very easy to construct a building in Illustrator. Start with a rectangle drawn using the Rectangle tool.         2 From the Appearance palette choose the Stroke layer. Change it weight to 5 pt.         Duplicate that Stroke layer. Change its weight to 1 pt and its colour.             Choose Continue Reading

Creating a Colourful Background Design

1 Create a petal as shown below using the Pen tool. Apply a tri-colour gradient to it.               2 Choose the Rotate tool and move the anchor point to the inner tip of the petal. 3 Rotate it by holding the Alt key.               4 With Control+D duplicate the petal approximately.               5 Continue Reading

An Illustrator Tutorial on Fine Lines

1 Click on the Line Segment tool. Set the stroke weight to 1 pixel. Create a line any length.               2 With the Rotate tool rotate the line slightly. Before letting go of the mouse button, press the Alt key. 3 You lines should appear similar as given below.               4 Continue Reading

Creating Multi-Stroked Text with Effects

Type the text preferable using a stout font. Then convert it to outlines. Press Control+H to hide the points. If the letters are too close together, increase the tracking. You may also need to increase the size of the font as well.               2 Apply a Stroke of 5pt to the lettering.               3 Continue Reading

How to Type Along a Path

1. Create a path with the Pencil tool . 2. From the toolbox, choose "Type on a Path" tool. Click on the path and a cursor will appear. Type something and colour it as you like.                 3. Create a path again.           4. Choose the "Vertical Type on a Path" tool from the toolbox. Continue Reading

How to create a glossy badge in Illustrator

In Illustrator, making a good effect depends on the understanding of light and where the shadows and highlights fall. So in this tutorial we are going to work with the light and dark Draw a Shape Using the Star tool, create a shape. Click and hold on the Rectangle tool to see the Star tool. Click once on the artboard and define the size you want to use. I have given 1pt stroke of 8E9407 and a radial Continue Reading