10 Advantages Reading Children’s Book

Every parent shares a common concept of having brilliant kids. To help them, guardians bring up their kids by giving nutritious foods with proteins, vitamins, DHA, iodine etc, buy them toys like building blocks, drawing materials, puzzles, etc, is this enough. Guardians have to share their time with their kids playing with them and learning with them. Before taking them to school we have to learn Continue Reading

Sun Burst Vector by Maa Illustrations in Adobe Illustrator

Maa Illustrations have brought a video on how to draw a sun burst vector on Adobe Illustrator in simple steps that would become helpful for the learners to implement on other vector illustrations. The orange sun beam is being illustrated first by drawing a black circle and converting it into dashed lines using ellipse tool. Cutting the centre and then join the beams to feel a centralized look. FOR Continue Reading


What is medical illustration? Now, the world has converted into more dynamic and innovative form. The time has gone, when folks used to utilize utmost of their time in understanding diverse notions and philosophies about earth and human anatomy. Now, most of people linger diligent all the day. That is why, they can’t give suitable time to learning. The time has passed, when publics used to read Continue Reading

Emerging Vector Illustration Styles and Trends

Emerging Vector Illustration Styles and Trends The present technological era, where everything is digitalized and illustrated like movies, ad campaigns, websites, mobile apps, etc. and where people are more attracted towards illustrations and distinct styles of presentation instead of traditional/real pictures…is encouraging the designers to come up with more diverse and creative ways of communication Continue Reading

A New Way of Creating Flowers

Choose a colour and use stroke instead of fill. Make an elongated oval.               Choose the Rotate tool. Rotate the oval and then click on the Alt and Shift keys to duplicate.               Hold the Control key down and hit the D key twice.               Change Continue Reading

A Bug Story in Illustrator

1 Draw an ellipse. Choose the Direct Selection tool.       2 Choose the bottom point. Hold the Shift key down and drag.               3 Choose the egg shape and make a radial gradient. Change the right colour to gray and apply the gradient.       4 Copy, reduce, change to black and Continue Reading

Titling the Postcard in Illustrator

Start with the text shown below. The word at the bottom is separate from the above text. Increase the size of the first and last letters of the bottom word.               Add a background to the card to see the white of the lettering. For this, duplicate the text and turn it white.       .   Convert Continue Reading

The Perfect Frame for Your Photograph

1 Import a photo using Place option or use Paste. Lock this layer and create a new layer.             2 Using the Rectangle tool make a rectangle around the picture.               3 Uncheck the fill for Foreground. 4 Open Brush Libraries and choose Border Sample. 5 Press F5 Continue Reading

Creating a Building in Illustrator

1 It is very easy to construct a building in Illustrator. Start with a rectangle drawn using the Rectangle tool.         2 From the Appearance palette choose the Stroke layer. Change it weight to 5 pt.         Duplicate that Stroke layer. Change its weight to 1 pt and its colour.             Choose Continue Reading