Creating a Colourful Background Design

1 Create a petal as shown below using the Pen tool. Apply a tri-colour gradient to it.               2 Choose the Rotate tool and move the anchor point to the inner tip of the petal. 3 Rotate it by holding the Alt key.               4 With Control+D duplicate the petal approximately.               5 Continue Reading

An Illustrator Tutorial on Fine Lines

1 Click on the Line Segment tool. Set the stroke weight to 1 pixel. Create a line any length.               2 With the Rotate tool rotate the line slightly. Before letting go of the mouse button, press the Alt key. 3 You lines should appear similar as given below.               4 Continue Reading

Creating Multi-Stroked Text with Effects

Type the text preferable using a stout font. Then convert it to outlines. Press Control+H to hide the points. If the letters are too close together, increase the tracking. You may also need to increase the size of the font as well.               2 Apply a Stroke of 5pt to the lettering.               3 Continue Reading

How to Type Along a Path

1. Create a path with the Pencil tool . 2. From the toolbox, choose "Type on a Path" tool. Click on the path and a cursor will appear. Type something and colour it as you like.                 3. Create a path again.           4. Choose the "Vertical Type on a Path" tool from the toolbox. Continue Reading

How to create a glossy badge in Illustrator

In Illustrator, making a good effect depends on the understanding of light and where the shadows and highlights fall. So in this tutorial we are going to work with the light and dark Draw a Shape Using the Star tool, create a shape. Click and hold on the Rectangle tool to see the Star tool. Click once on the artboard and define the size you want to use. I have given 1pt stroke of 8E9407 and a radial Continue Reading

How to Create Dotted Lines in Illustrator

Open the Stroke Palette from Window>Stroke. Draw a line and choose it. Enter the dash and gap value as shown below. Experiment with different dash and gap values for different effects. Enter the same dash and weight to make a square dotted line.             To make circle dotted lines, choose the Round Cap and make sure the dash is set to Continue Reading

Creating Swirly Curls in Illustrator

Let’s learn how to make beautiful swirly curls in Illustrator. STEP 1 - DRAW A SPIRAL         From the tool bar, select the Spiral Tool by holding the Line tool. Click and drag a line from the centre point outwards. Instead of click and drag, you can just click to get the Spiral Options box and enter the spiral radius, decay and spiral segments and click OK. Continue Reading