Creating Smooth Lines in Illustrator

This tutorial will tell you simple ways to smooth out the lines in Illustrator. It can save you a lot of time. 1. Pencil and Paintbrush Tool Settings To open the Pencil tool preference pane, double click on the Pencil tool. Set the amount of smoothness you like to get. Drag both sliders to the maximum setting. The smoothness option is pretty strait-forward, but the higher the fidelity, the fewer Continue Reading

Creating Shinny Text in illustrator

Enter the text and right click on it. Select 'Create Outlines'.                 Choose the Pen tool Using the Pen tool draw a line. Use no colour.               Choose both the line and the text using the Selection Tool and click on Divide.             Choose Continue Reading

Creating Seamless Patterns using Swatches Palette

The Swatches Palette stores colours to use it in designs. It can store vector data and that those vectors can be applied as fills or strokes. This short tutorial will help you to understand the power of using seamless patterns in the Swatches Palette. Open a new document. Open the Swatches Palette and click the arrow on the upper right-hand side of the palette. From the fly out menu choose Open Continue Reading

Creating a Gradient Brush

Lets us see how we can make a gradient brush. Gradient brushstroke is a gradient that will follow a path, rather than fill a shape.             Make a blend. Use any shape. Create three squares of different colours. Select them all, then navigate to Object>Blend>Make. Double- click on the Blend tool and choose “Smooth Colour” as the Continue Reading

Creating a Cloud in Illustrator

Steps: 1. From the toolbox, choose the Pen tool. Or press the keyboard shortcut (P). 2. To create an anchor point, click on the middle of the page. 3. To create another anchor point, click again and drag the mouse to adjust the curve. Then release the mouse. Now there are two anchor points. 4. Move the mouse over the last anchor point, notice that there is a caret (^) next to the Pen symbol; Click Continue Reading

An Easy Method to Create Credit Card

Draw the credit card using the Rounded Rectangle Tool and the Rectangle Tool.     Add any gradient you prefer with the Gradient Tool.     Choose both the objects and group them.     Navigate to Effect > 3D > Rotate. Add a few changes to the numbers but rotate them with the same settings.     When you are finished, Continue Reading

Wrapping the Text on an Easter Egg

First we have to create the egg shape. So choose the Ellipse tool and draw a shape on the form of egg.           Using the Direct Selection tool, choose the point at the top of the egg. Hold the Shift key and drag it up. Then, use Alt +drag to duplicate it twice. Select the knife tool and cut the egg.     Choose the Live paint Continue Reading

Making Reflecting Web Icons

This tutorial will help you to create reflective web icons in Illustrator. Step 1 Create a new document in RGB mode. Using the Rectangle tool or the Rounded Rectangle tool, draw a black square or rounded square (click-and-hold the Rectangle tool icon on the Toolbar to get more options). Hold Shift while dragging to draw a square.                 Step Continue Reading

Making a Colourful Abstract Wavy Ribbon

In this tutorial we will learn to make colourful abstract ribbon shape in Illustrator First you need to choose the colour palette with cool colour combinations. Make blocks of the colours in Illustrator to eye drop the colours.           On the artboard, create a long thin rectangle. Fill with the first colour swatch.         Copy Continue Reading

Making a Leaf using Mesh Tool

In this tutorial we are going to create a leaf using the Mesh tool, one of the most powerful and complex tool in Illustrator.         STEP 1 In the image given above we have an outline of the leaf. The first step is to decide if the shape you chose is a good one for applying the Mesh tool. Separate the stem of the leaf from the actual leaf area. Then create Continue Reading