How to make a Realistic 3D Bowl

This tutorial is about creating a realistic 3D fruit bowl illustration with the new Adobe Illustrator CS2. 1.Draw a Bowl Make a path and fill it with yellow. Then, from the menu choose Effect > 3D > Revolve.         2.Apply 3D Revolve Make the following changes to the settings of 3D Revolve Option: • If the lower portion of the window is not displayed, Continue Reading

3D Flower Pot

This tutorial will show you how to create a 3D flower pot. Set fill colour to none and pick a colour for the stroke. This will be the colour of the flower pot. Here I used a grey colour. Using the Pen Tool, draw the right side of the flower pot. Let's draw the top part first:     Continue drawing the middle part of the flower pot.       Again, convert Continue Reading

Using the Twirl Tool in Adobe Illustrator

Let us see in this tutorial how to use the twirl tool in Adobe Illustrator CS3. Create a new document. Select the Rectangle Tool and make a Rectangle.     Then choose the Twirl Tool. After that, hover over the edge of the circle. Then click and hold. The longer you hold the more the shape will twirl.     You can create awesome designs with this tool, look:     FOR Continue Reading

Use of Crop Tool in Illustrator CS3

This is the Crop Tool. Now let’s see how it works.         Place six logos on a page.       If you select the Crop Tool and choose an area, the result will be similar to the cropped area given below.       To fine tune the cropped area, make adjustments by selecting the handles and dragging it. You can Continue Reading

Use of Clipping Mask in Illustrator CS3

With the help of Illustrator CS3 we are going to learn how to cut text shaped selections out of photos to produce a solid framework. Create a new document. Place an image of your choice.     Type a text and place it on the image.         Choose both the photo and the text. Mask them by going to Object > Clipping Mask > Make.         Now Continue Reading

Tutorial for Creating Cartoon Clouds in Illustrator

It is easy to create light and fluffy clouds in illustrator. In this tutorial you will also learn Pathfinder filters and the Drop Shadow stylize effect. 1. Creating a background Draw a sky blue rectangle with the Rectangle tool. Cover the entire artboard. You can resize it later. After you are done lock the layer and name it ‘sky’.           2. Continue Reading

To Create a Perfect Outer Glow

Choose the circle tool. Draw a circle. Paint it.       Then go to Effect > Stylize > Outer Glow.   Choose the following options:         Go to Effect > Document Raster Effects Settings.     Choose: High: 300ppi         If you don’t follow this step, Continue Reading

Steps to Create a Maze Design

Pick the Rectangle tool and draw some intersecting rectangles. Use Pathfinder’s Add to Shape Area. Then click on Expand.         Click on Free Distort to manipulate it. Then use Expand Appearance afterwards. You can then apply a gradient to the piece.     Make a new gradient with a very dark colour that will be at the top. Using the Pen Continue Reading

Creating a Sign Post using the Mesh Tool and 3D Effects

In this tutorial we are going to make a caution street sign using basic shapes. We will use the Mesh tool and some blend modes to give a realistic shading and 3D effects. 1 Create a basic shape Go to File>New and open a new RGB document. Choose the Rounded Rectangle tool from the Rectangle tool list. Click once on the artboard and a dialog that appears, enter 500 pt for the Width and Height, Continue Reading

Creating a Flower Vase in Illustrator

In this tutorial you will learn to make a flower vase using illustrator CS3. Open a new document. Choose the Ellipse tool and draw an image as shown below.     Choose the object and paint it with blue colour. Choose the Ellipse tool again and make an image as shown below.     Choose both the objects. Navigate to Windows > Pathfinder. Choose ‘Subtract Continue Reading