To Create a Perfect Outer Glow

Choose the circle tool. Draw a circle. Paint it.       Then go to Effect > Stylize > Outer Glow.   Choose the following options:         Go to Effect > Document Raster Effects Settings.     Choose: High: 300ppi         If you don’t follow this step, Continue Reading

Steps to Create a Maze Design

Pick the Rectangle tool and draw some intersecting rectangles. Use Pathfinder’s Add to Shape Area. Then click on Expand.         Click on Free Distort to manipulate it. Then use Expand Appearance afterwards. You can then apply a gradient to the piece.     Make a new gradient with a very dark colour that will be at the top. Using the Pen Continue Reading

Creating a Sign Post using the Mesh Tool and 3D Effects

In this tutorial we are going to make a caution street sign using basic shapes. We will use the Mesh tool and some blend modes to give a realistic shading and 3D effects. 1 Create a basic shape Go to File>New and open a new RGB document. Choose the Rounded Rectangle tool from the Rectangle tool list. Click once on the artboard and a dialog that appears, enter 500 pt for the Width and Height, Continue Reading

Creating a Flower Vase in Illustrator

In this tutorial you will learn to make a flower vase using illustrator CS3. Open a new document. Choose the Ellipse tool and draw an image as shown below.     Choose the object and paint it with blue colour. Choose the Ellipse tool again and make an image as shown below.     Choose both the objects. Navigate to Windows > Pathfinder. Choose ‘Subtract Continue Reading

Creating 3D Pin in Illustrator

Open a new document and choose the Pen tool. Now draw the following lines to make the 3D pin.         Go to Effect > 3D > Revolve.         From the 3D Revolve window, choose the following options.       The image will look like this. Add some colour to the pin by going to the Swatches Continue Reading

Pathfinder and Align Tool in Illustrator

Here is an Illustrator tutorial where I will show you to draw a simple icon without using the Pen tool. Draw the basic shapes First of all, activate Smart Guides (View > Smart Guides). Pick the Rounded Rectangle Tool and draw a shape as shown above. Modify the corners of the rectangle using the up or down arrow keys while dragging the shape. Make sure that the radius of the rounded corners of Continue Reading

Making a Background with Confetti and Flower

Let us begin with a rectangle with the size of the background (800 x 600). Create a gradient as shown below. Using the gradient tool, create a new gradient. But you should have something in the fill.     Lock this layer and make a new one. Draw some squares and give different colours to each.     Select the squares and group them.         Open Continue Reading

Making a Perfect Diamond in illustrator

Creating a diamond is quite simple in illustrator. So in this tutorial we are going to do the same, create one. Below given is a proportional diamond line which we can use as a guide.     1. Make a template First you have to place the line art. Go to File>Place and select the graphic. Navigate to Layers Palette > Template. This will lock and make the graphic transparent Continue Reading