Drawing a Christmas Hat in Illustrator

1. Drawing the Hat Draw two basic paths and fill them with Linear gradient (red to darker-red).     2. Shadow Create a shadow path similar to the image on the left. Pick the top part of the hat. Copy and Paste the hat in Front (Ctrl+F). Choose the copied path and the shadow path. Press the Alt key and choose Intersect shape areas in Pathfinder palette. The path should be Continue Reading

With Adobe Illustrator Create Fun and Eye-catching Text

You can manipulate the text in Illustrator by using various types of colours and effects. Let us do some experiment and create fun with attractive text. Start with the Text The most important element you require to begin this experiment is the text. From the Textbox select the Text tool (T). Click on the artboard and enter some text you of your liking. Here, I entered ‘WOW’ in caps with the Continue Reading

Tutorial for Creating a Disco Ball

Let’s have a look at how you can create a disco ball using simple techniques. Make a new document. Create a rectangular shape. The one I chose is of 175*175px. Fill the shape with bright radial gradient. You need to rasterise the image. For that, go to Object-Rasterise in the top menu and click OK without changing anything else. Broaden your rectangle a little (~150%).   You can change Continue Reading

Making of Halftone Background in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop are great tools for producing original designs. Here, I am going to create a shape in Illustrator and then use it as a clipping mask in Photoshop to make it partly hidden for using it nice background effect. Step 1 To get the Ellipse tool in Illustrator, click and hold the Rectangle tool to see the other shapes. Now select the Ellipse tool from it.   Step Continue Reading

Making a Full Spectrum Spirograph in Illustrator

Some preparation is needed to do this work. We have to create a 36 colour swatches ranging from bright yellow, to orange, red, purple, blue, green. Make sure that each of the colour swatches has a smooth transition. For example, the last yellow-green swatch has a smooth transition to the first yellow swatch. DUPLICATING THE SHAPE By holding the Shift, draw a polygon with the Polygon tool. Provide Continue Reading

Make with Mesh in Illustrator

The Basics Produce 4 Lines Using the Rectangle tool create 4 vertical lines. Here, I used the Direct Selection Tool (white arrow) and held down the Shift key and Alt/Option key to duplicate the first line to create another 3 lines. I recommended to turn on the Smart Guides (View > Smart Guides or hit Command/Ctrl + U). Giving Colour to the Lines Let me tell you what I did. I surfed through Continue Reading

How to Interlock Rings

The software used here is Adobe Illustrator This technique is not only meant for circular rings, you can also use it for text and other forms to provide the illusion of dimension. 1.) First of all you need to set the fill to none and the stroke to any colour. Here, I am using the red colour.   2.) Then you need to choose the Ellipse tool and draw a circle by holing the Shift key while Continue Reading

How to Create a Vector RSS Icon

Want to know how to learn a new application? The best way is to get involved in a working project. This tutorial based on Adobe Illustrator teaches you to create a vector RSS icon in simple steps. It also includes some useful techniques you can make use of in your future projects. Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphics application. So the size of the icon you want to make is not an issue. You can Continue Reading

How to Create a 3D Pill

Through this tutorial you will learn with ease to create a 3D pill. Step 1 Use the Ellipse tool and draw a circle. Hold the Shift key to make the circle proportional. Select a colour of your choice for the fill. Don’t choose a stroke colour.   Step 2 Use the Rectangle Tool to draw a rectangle. Make sure that it overlaps the circle. To line the shapes while drawing make sure that Continue Reading

Designing Float Circle Icon in Adobe Illustrator

In this tutorial we are going to create a Designer Float icon with the help of Adobe Illustrator. Step 1 Create a new document. Use the Ellipse tool (L). Draw a perfect circle by holding the Shift key. Fill the circle with 2ca148 colour.   Step 2 Now you have to draw another circle smaller in size (pixels). Use the colour 2da249.     Step 3 Now you have to Continue Reading