How to Retain Spot Colours Using Illustrator

If you are using Photoshop to create an image having transparency effects and spot colours, then better use Illustrator instead. For example, you are trying to create a logo with some transparency effects. Suppose the effect you are trying to create is a glass sphere, like a marble. By using Photoshop, you will have trouble to keep the logo in spot colours to get the desired result. This is because Continue Reading

How to make Dots from a Circle

In this tutorial you will learn to create dots from a circle in Illustrator CS3. Open a new document. Using the Ellipse tool create a circle.           Using the Swatches window, give a gradient colour.     Now modify the gradient colours as shown below.   You have to move the black colour to the middle.       Pixelate Continue Reading

How to Align Anchor Points in Illustrator CS3

In Illustrator CS3, when you try to align points of a line made with the pencil tool of 5 point, how does it know that whether you want to align the points between themselves or the whole object relative to another one? When all nodes are selected, can Illustrator tell if u have selected the object or just all of its nodes? In Illustrator CS3 enables you to align individual anchor points with the Continue Reading

Forming Irregular Patterns in Illustrator

We will start with a square which is later converted it to a guide using Control+5.     Check the Snap to Point option.       Make the square which will act as the bounding box. Then draw any shape on the edge. Now choose everything.     Alt+drag to the right for copying. Make sure it snaps.     Remove Continue Reading

Drawing a Christmas Hat in Illustrator

1. Drawing the Hat Draw two basic paths and fill them with Linear gradient (red to darker-red).     2. Shadow Create a shadow path similar to the image on the left. Pick the top part of the hat. Copy and Paste the hat in Front (Ctrl+F). Choose the copied path and the shadow path. Press the Alt key and choose Intersect shape areas in Pathfinder palette. The path should be Continue Reading

With Adobe Illustrator Create Fun and Eye-catching Text

You can manipulate the text in Illustrator by using various types of colours and effects. Let us do some experiment and create fun with attractive text. Start with the Text The most important element you require to begin this experiment is the text. From the Textbox select the Text tool (T). Click on the artboard and enter some text you of your liking. Here, I entered ‘WOW’ in caps with the Continue Reading

Tutorial for Creating a Disco Ball

Let’s have a look at how you can create a disco ball using simple techniques. Make a new document. Create a rectangular shape. The one I chose is of 175*175px. Fill the shape with bright radial gradient. You need to rasterise the image. For that, go to Object-Rasterise in the top menu and click OK without changing anything else. Broaden your rectangle a little (~150%).   You can change Continue Reading

Making of Halftone Background in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop are great tools for producing original designs. Here, I am going to create a shape in Illustrator and then use it as a clipping mask in Photoshop to make it partly hidden for using it nice background effect. Step 1 To get the Ellipse tool in Illustrator, click and hold the Rectangle tool to see the other shapes. Now select the Ellipse tool from it.   Step Continue Reading

Making a Full Spectrum Spirograph in Illustrator

Some preparation is needed to do this work. We have to create a 36 colour swatches ranging from bright yellow, to orange, red, purple, blue, green. Make sure that each of the colour swatches has a smooth transition. For example, the last yellow-green swatch has a smooth transition to the first yellow swatch. DUPLICATING THE SHAPE By holding the Shift, draw a polygon with the Polygon tool. Provide Continue Reading