Creating an Abstract Vector Design in Illustrator

From the simplest shapes you can create good looking abstract design. We are going to create a trendy vector illustration using the Illustrator.   Create a new document having A4 size in Adobe Illustrator. Set the Colour Mode to RGB for a choice of pleasant, lively colours.   On the artboard, draw a 210×297mm rectangle and align it to the centre. Then add a soft grey to white Continue Reading

Creating a Logo Using Trim in Adobe Illustrator

This tutorial is for beginners who are not familiar with the pathfinder palette in the Adobe Illustrator. Lets have a look at the tools in the palette and what can they do. Step 1 Creating a New Document Open the Adobe Illustrator and go to File --> New You can set the size of the page based on your preference. Here, I have used the default size 8.5x11 inch.     Tip: Continue Reading

Creating a Diamond Flower using Illustrator

STEP1 DRAWING A CIRCLE Get started by drawing a circle. Choose the Ellipse Tool (L). Hold the Shift key while drawing the circle to get the perfect shape.     Choose a colour you like and fill the circle. I suggest you to use a dark colour. You can tone it back by adjusting the transparency. Or else you can go for a light colour. Change the Transparency mode to Colour Burn Continue Reading

Creating a Circle of Stars in Adobe Illustrator

Step1 Create a new document in Illustrator. To draw a star, select the Star tool and type a size and press OK. Keeping a distance from the previous star again click the tool and draw a second star of the same size.   Step2 Choose the Blend tool (W) and click on the top of the first star. Then, click Option (Alt-click on PC) on the top point of the second star. From the dialog box that Continue Reading

A Quick Look at the Gradient Strokes

This simple and awesome technique uses the Appearance panel and effects to generate editable gradient strokes in Illustrator. The Problem and its Solution In the Illustrator you won’t be able to apply a gradient to strokes the way you normally apply to other objects. If you want to create a stroke on an object go to Object > Path > Outline Stroke and then fill the stroke with gradient. But Continue Reading

Add Some Depth to Your Flat Text

From this tutorial you will learn how to add shadow to your text. Step 1 Adding the Text Create a new document. Pick the Text tool and add your own text. You can use any font you like. Here, I have used Sign Painter (House Script) font. The size of the font I have used is 100 points So that I can shrink it for using in web. If you have chosen a script font then it is useful to bring tracking Continue Reading

5 steps to draw complex vector sunrays

This tutorial will help you to draw sun rays in Adobe Illustrator. The one used here is CS3 version. But before you begin make sure that you have set Fill colour to None and Stroke colour to Black or the colour of your choice. Step 1 Draw a circle. The one drawn below is of 100 pixels in diameter.   Step 2 To bring up the Stroke Panel select Window>Stoke (Ctr+F10) and to view all Continue Reading

Photoshop CS2 Splash Graphic in Illustrator

In this tutorial you will learn to use gradient and blending mode to replicate the Photoshop CS2 splash image. 1. Creating the feather paths Using the Pen tool create the feather paths.       2. Applying the Gradient Colour Choose the top two paths. Fill it with Radial Gradient. Choose similar colours as shown. Repeat this step for the rest of the paths.   3. Continue Reading

Drawing a Cartoon Snail in Adobe illustrator

To begin with, pace a scanned pencil sketch by navigating to File > Place and select the sketch file. Here I have used a 72 dpi greyscale scan.     Use the Pen tool to trace the scan. Use a colour stroked line. It’s easier to see. It is good to close all the paths so that each piece becomes an individual complete shape.     Remove the sketch as you Continue Reading

Distorting an Object Using Envelope Distortion

In this tutorial we will learn how to distort an object using Envelope Distortion in Illustrator. Step-1 Create a text in a type you desire. I have used the font Myriad Pro Black. Then go to the Type Menu > Create Outlines to convert the text to shapes.     Step-2 Pick the Rectangle tool and make a box around the text in which the text fits in. Make sure that the Continue Reading