Rounded Corner Effect using Divide effect

Rounded Corner Effect using Divide effect Step #1:  Draw a star   Draw a star with the Star Tool. Copy it by pressing Ctrl+C/Command+C to the clipboard. Step #2:  Creating rounded corner effects Go to Effect>Stylize>Round Corners. Enter a value for the Radius. Check the preview to get the amount of rounded effect. For expanding the shape, use Object>Expand Appearance.   Step Continue Reading

Making Symmetrical Vector Objects

Making Symmetrical Vector Objects This tutorial is about making symmetrical vector files. The best way to make sure your file is symmetrical is to draw half of it and flip it. Click and hold the Rotate Tool to see the Reflect Tool. Select half of the leaf and double click on the Reflect Tool. A dialogue box will pop up. Set the Axis to Vertical and click copy. Now the leaf will have Continue Reading

Making Gradient Ribbon in illustrator

Step #1: Make a Circle Using the Ellipse tool create a circle by holding the Shift key and apply a linear gradient at 90°. Cut the Circle in Half and Duplicate    With the Direct Selection tool (white arrow), choose the most right anchor point of the circle and press Delete. Click and drag 1/2 of the circle to the right holding both the Shift key and Option/Alt key. The Option/Alt key is Continue Reading

Making a Perspective Guide using Illustrator

There are various ways and tools to make perspective guide. In this tutorial we will learn how to make perspective guide with Adobe Illustrator. Step #1:  Create a line Draw a vertical line on left of the canvas. Then duplicate the vertical line and move the duplicate to the other side of the canvas. Check the alignment before proceeding to the next step. Step #2: blend it Use the Blend tool Continue Reading

Making a perfect Triangle path in Illustrator

In this tutorial I will show you make a perfect triangle path in Illustrator. Step #1:  Choose the Star Tool Choose the Star tool from the Toolbar. Step #2:  Click Once on the Artboard Click once on the artboard and the Star Tool Options pane will appear. This is where you can reduce the number of points to “3.” Set the radius of one triangle as 2, and then set the other radius at exactly Continue Reading

Different Options in Shape tool

In this tutorial you will learn to use the shape tools to draw basic shapes in illustrator. Selection Tools There are 2 types of selection tool used for selection objects. Selection Tool: Used for selecting and moving a shape. It can also be used to resize a shape. Direct Selection Tool: Enables you to choose a single anchor point instead of the whole shape. Used for editing anchor point Continue Reading

Have the power to create a magical world as a cartoon illustrator

The world of illustration is a magical world of art, colours, creativity and uniqueness.  In the world today most of the mediums like newspapers, magazines, magazines and book publishers use illustration and the most important consumers of cartoon art.  However the number of cartoon artists looking for work way outdoes the demand. Remunerated positions are on the decrease, and most cartoonists work Continue Reading

Making a custom Illustrator Brush

There are 4 types of brushes that you can create in Illustrator. (Calligraphic, Art, Scatter, and Pattern). In this tutorial I will show you how to make an Art Brush. Make a Custom Illustrator Art Brush: Open a new document and draw any shape. You can make any shape into a brush. Here, I made a couple of bars and some blocks scattered about. Choose all the shapes you prefer to use as brush. Continue Reading

Loading the Brush Libraries faster in Illustrator

This is quick Illustrator CS3 tip which will help you to save time. There are 3 ways for loading the Brush Library. So let’s see how to do it using the Brush Library icon. As you can see in the screenshot given above, it takes 3 menu levels to reach the brush libraries. If you use the “Brush Library Icon” in the bottom left corner of the brushes palette, you can eliminate the first menu Continue Reading

How to market your skills as an illustrator

If you are a professional and aspiring illustrator marketing could be headache for you and an unpleasant task at that, yet it is one of the easiest tasks that you will ever do.  If you decide to make it on your own rather than working for others, you should learn marketing skills. If you are serious about building a successful career in the field of illustration marketing is the most essential way Continue Reading