Making a custom Illustrator Brush


There are 4 types of brushes that you can create in Illustrator. (Calligraphic, Art, Scatter, and Pattern). In this tutorial I will show you how to make an Art Brush. Make a Custom Illustrator Art Brush: Open a new document and draw any shape. You can make any shape into a brush. Here, I made a couple of bars and some blocks scattered about. Choose all the shapes you prefer to use as brush. Continue Reading

Loading the Brush Libraries faster in Illustrator


This is quick Illustrator CS3 tip which will help you to save time. There are 3 ways for loading the Brush Library. So let’s see how to do it using the Brush Library icon. As you can see in the screenshot given above, it takes 3 menu levels to reach the brush libraries. If you use the “Brush Library Icon” in the bottom left corner of the brushes palette, you can eliminate the first menu Continue Reading

How to market your skills as an illustrator


If you are a professional and aspiring illustrator marketing could be headache for you and an unpleasant task at that, yet it is one of the easiest tasks that you will ever do.  If you decide to make it on your own rather than working for others, you should learn marketing skills. If you are serious about building a successful career in the field of illustration marketing is the most essential way Continue Reading

Creating Stamp Effect in Illustrator CS3


This tutorial will guide you in creating a stamp effect using Adobe Illustrator. Create a new document. Then draw a rectangle with the rectangle tool. Provide a zig zag effect to the stamp. After that, use the following settings in the Zig Zag window. This is how it will look. Now add a shadow to the stamp. In the Drop Shadows window, use the settings mentioned below. Now Continue Reading

Creating a Simplified Paint stroke


Let me show you the use of the paintbrush and how you can make the strokes combine into a simplified format. Open Artistic Calligraphic Brushes. Choose the 10 pt. brush. Double-click on the brush. Change the Fidelity to 0.5 pixels. Then go to Options>Within and enter 2 pixels. Create a work or drawing that will overlap. Here, I have used a word. Select the word. Choose Expand Continue Reading

The major role that technical illustrators play in the company

In most of the companies, the technical illustrators are solely responsible to illustrate illustrations in technical manuals. It is time to think of the resurgence of technical illustrators, especially bearing in mind the necessities of mobile documentation.Illustrations are very essential in order to explain complicated technical matters in a comprehensible manner. The concept of technical illustration Continue Reading

Creating Road Map in Illustrator CS3


This tutorial will guide you to create road maps in Illustrator CS3. Create a new document. Draw a straight line. Copy and paste the line in the same place. Create a new line with a thinner stroke and colour it with white. Choose both the strokes and click New Brush icon in the brushes window. In the next dialog box you can name your new brush. Use the following settings. Your Continue Reading

Creating Circle Effect Using Illustrator CS3


Want to know how to create circle effect? Then read on. Create a new document. Choose the Eclipse tool and draw an eclipse. Draw two more ellipses and give them different colours. Choose all the circles and place one in the front of the other and group them (see the image below). Then copy the group of circle and paste it. Make copies as many as you like. After that, ungroup Continue Reading