Creating Road Map in Illustrator CS3


This tutorial will guide you to create road maps in Illustrator CS3. Create a new document. Draw a straight line. Copy and paste the line in the same place. Create a new line with a thinner stroke and colour it with white. Choose both the strokes and click New Brush icon in the brushes window. In the next dialog box you can name your new brush. Use the following settings. Your Continue Reading

Creating Circle Effect Using Illustrator CS3


Want to know how to create circle effect? Then read on. Create a new document. Choose the Eclipse tool and draw an eclipse. Draw two more ellipses and give them different colours. Choose all the circles and place one in the front of the other and group them (see the image below). Then copy the group of circle and paste it. Make copies as many as you like. After that, ungroup Continue Reading

How do picture illustration books help in intellectual development of a child

Picture illustration books are full of colourful images which are essential elements for the child to comprehend the story and for its enjoyment. Illustrations are the distinguishing feature of a children’s picture book and occupies a prominent position in the life of a child with its words and pictures.  People of today have realized the significance of childhood intellectual development and further Continue Reading

Creating a Quick Night Scene in Illustrator CS3


This tutorial is a small journey through the steps of creating a night scene in the city. Draw a rectangle. Open the Gradient palette. Choose a gradient colour as shown below. Set the Angle of the rectangle to 90 degrees. Lock the current layer. Create a new layer. Make the ruler visible by pressing Control+R. Drag the ruler line to the middle with the lightest area of the rectangle. Draw Continue Reading

Creating Aboriginal Art in Illustrator CS3

Looking for an easy way to create aboriginal art? Then read on. Open Photoshop. Create a new document of 800 x 600 px. Create a brush of size 35 to get spacing as shown below.. You can see the artwork I created. I saved it as a JPEG. We require 3 layers. Size of the document is 800 x 600 px. Keep rectangle in layer 1 and layer 2. Make the Photoshop file in layer 3. Select Continue Reading

Tips to successfully produce a colour illustration picture book for children

Picture books are the first books that children will read, so it is your responsibility to make it the best experience for them.  Colourful picture books are not only a fun way to learn, but it’s also plays a significant role in the intellectual development of a child.  When books are read to children and when they look at the colourful pictures it develops their language comprehending skills and Continue Reading

How to be a successful illustrator in today’s world

The field of illustration is very competitive and it is difficult to get noticed in the crowd of illustrators that are available in the market.  There are many contenders for a single job and only the most talented illustrator will be successful in getting the job.  But with a few tips you can definitely get that job which you always wanted to get. Tip #1:  Do not follow trends During the process Continue Reading