Making Symbols in Adobe Illustrator

Learn to create symbols in Illustrator CS3 by means of this tutorial. Create a new document. Choose the Paint brush tool and draw a flower. This will be the symbol in future. Paint the flower with red. Add the details to the flower. Select the entire image and right click and choose Group. Now, release the flower to the Symbols panel. The Symbols panel will appear. Give Continue Reading

Making Glossy Button in Illustrator

This tutorial is about creating glossy button using Illustrator. 1. Creating the Circle Shapes Draw a circle path and fill it with orange colour. Copy (Ctrl+C) the image and Paste in Front (Ctrl+F). Scale it down to 40%. Drag the copy and place it slightly below the central point of the orange circle. 2. Bend Tool Choose the Blend Tool. click on the top edge of the yellow circle and then click Continue Reading

Making an Interesting Flower in Illustrator CS3

In this tutorial, you will see how to create an interesting flower design in Illustrator. Draw a circle. At the top of the circle draw a rectangle. Pick the Direction tool and choose each bottom corners of the circle and tap the arrow key seven times for each side. Try to give a generic gradient. Create a new gradient. Drop it in the Swatches palette. Choose the Gradient tool. Eliminate Continue Reading

Making a Mobile and Devices Document

This tutorial is an introduction for creating a mobile and devices document. When you open an Illustrator you are given many options to create a document. The third item in the option is the Mobile and Devices Document selection. You will move to this screen when you select the from Sample Device Sets and Available Devices. Click on the first selection at the left-hand side. Now you Continue Reading

Making a 3D Vase Using 3D Revolve Tool

See how you can create a 3D vase in 5 minutes using3D Revolve Tool in Illustrator CS2. Step #1:  Creating a Path First you have to crate a path as shown below using the Pen Tool. Navigate to the menu Effect > 3D > Revolve     Step #2:  3D Revolve Option 3D Revolve Option window will appear (see he image below). If the lower part of the window is not visible, click on Continue Reading

Learn to Transform, Style and Blend

Let us begin with a simple shape. Navigate to Effect>Distort & Transform>Transform. See the preview. Here, I have used ellipse. Make 12 copies of the ellipse. Then adjust the vertical scale and rotation. Also change the orientation point. Click OK when you are satisfied with the result. Now, you need to drag the shape into the Graphic Styles palette. Try to apply this style Continue Reading

How to Wrap the Text around an Image

This tutorial will guide you to format your text with your photographs and images in Illustrator CS3. Create a new document. Set the layout of the text on the page size. See the example below. Here, I have used the image of an envelope.   Now, you have to place it. This is how it will look at first. You have to select both the image and text. Now, we are going to Make Continue Reading

Transform Again in Illustrator

Transform Again is a tool in illustrator when you need to repeat a transformation. First create a shape or a stroke, and then transform it. The Transform menu is placed under Object > Transform or you can right click on an object and go to the Transform menu. Make sure that you are either holding Alt when you transform the shape, or using the copy button in the transform menu so can copy the original Continue Reading

Tracing Pencil Sketches using the Pen Tool

This tutorial is about tracing the pencil sketches with the Pen tool. Select the Pen Tool and the colour. Here, I used a bright colour like red. Click on the bottom of the leaf in the middle. Next, click on the top in the middle. Hold the Shift key when you click. This is done to make the line straight. Now you have to curve the line to follow the shape of the leaf. Make your next point, Continue Reading