Creating Better Titles using Text Tool

The Text tool in Illustrator provides flexibility in editing the text once it is outlined. You can move the letters around and even the lines and shapes around. So let us see what you can do with it. Step-1   Let us begin by typing a name or a slogan with ampersand in it. The font used here is Rosewood. Type the first word using the Text tool. Click somewhere else with the Type tool and Continue Reading

Creating a Layout for Poster in Illustrator

Open a new document of 11 x 17 in portrait version with CMYK. Click on the arrow on the Swatches palette and choose Select All Unused and delete it.   Below Colour choose an orange colour and use the settings below. Name the colour and click on the Colour Type and set the type to Spot Colour. Give a name to the layer and lock it. Make a new layer and name it ‘Pattern’. For this layer, Continue Reading

Creating Metallic Lettering in Illustrator CS2

In this tutorial we are going to create metallic lettering in vector format using Illustrator CS2. Step 1 Open a new document Create a new RGB document. In the Layers palette name this layer as “TEXT”. In tutorial we are using points as the unit of measurement. To ensure that you are using the same measurements, go to the menu bar and choose Illustrator (PC: Edit) > Preferences > Units Continue Reading

Scaling an Object without Scaling the Stroke

Through this tutorial you will learn to scale an object without scaling its stroke in Adobe Illustrator CS3. Create a new document. Select the Rectangle Tool and draw two circles.   Using this example I am going to tell what you are not supposed to do. Open the Transform palette. Click on the options in the upper right part. Make sure the "Scale Strokes and Effects" is selected.   Now Continue Reading

Making your Background Interesting

Learn to create interesting background in Illustrator. Make a web document. Draw a rectangle with no stokes and just a fill. Make a new gradient. I opened the Flowers swatches to pick the colours. Drag the new gradient to the Swatches palette. Apply it on the rectangle. Choose the Knife tool. Create some cuts in the rectangle. Choose everything and apply a 30 pixel feather. Choose Continue Reading

Making Symbols in Adobe Illustrator

Learn to create symbols in Illustrator CS3 by means of this tutorial. Create a new document. Choose the Paint brush tool and draw a flower. This will be the symbol in future. Paint the flower with red. Add the details to the flower. Select the entire image and right click and choose Group. Now, release the flower to the Symbols panel. The Symbols panel will appear. Give Continue Reading

Making Glossy Button in Illustrator

This tutorial is about creating glossy button using Illustrator. 1. Creating the Circle Shapes Draw a circle path and fill it with orange colour. Copy (Ctrl+C) the image and Paste in Front (Ctrl+F). Scale it down to 40%. Drag the copy and place it slightly below the central point of the orange circle. 2. Bend Tool Choose the Blend Tool. click on the top edge of the yellow circle and then click Continue Reading

Making an Interesting Flower in Illustrator CS3

In this tutorial, you will see how to create an interesting flower design in Illustrator. Draw a circle. At the top of the circle draw a rectangle. Pick the Direction tool and choose each bottom corners of the circle and tap the arrow key seven times for each side. Try to give a generic gradient. Create a new gradient. Drop it in the Swatches palette. Choose the Gradient tool. Eliminate Continue Reading

Making a Mobile and Devices Document

This tutorial is an introduction for creating a mobile and devices document. When you open an Illustrator you are given many options to create a document. The third item in the option is the Mobile and Devices Document selection. You will move to this screen when you select the from Sample Device Sets and Available Devices. Click on the first selection at the left-hand side. Now you Continue Reading

Making a 3D Vase Using 3D Revolve Tool

See how you can create a 3D vase in 5 minutes using3D Revolve Tool in Illustrator CS2. Step #1:  Creating a Path First you have to crate a path as shown below using the Pen Tool. Navigate to the menu Effect > 3D > Revolve     Step #2:  3D Revolve Option 3D Revolve Option window will appear (see he image below). If the lower part of the window is not visible, click on Continue Reading