How Important Is The Role Of A Children’s Book Illustrator

Think of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” or “Matilda” and what springs to mind are the quirky, cartoonish illustrations that brought the book characters to life. The magic of these books lay in the perfect collaboration between the author Roald Dahl and the illustrator Quentin Blake. In fact, as an illustrator of over 250 books, Blake was just as widely loved by the readers. Iconic Continue Reading

Need For Children’s Book Illustrations

Natural restlessness often makes it difficult for young readers to settle down with a book for any length of time. However, it is widely accepted that readers usually have more finely-tuned intellectual abilities, stronger emotional makeup and better communication skills than non-readers; readers have greater opportunities to succeed in life. Therefore, given the importance of reading in broadening Continue Reading

Guidelines for a Children’s Book Illustrator

Illustrations are usually the most attractive element in any kind of book but they play different functions in different books. In some books, the illustrations are used to make the book more attractive and eye-catching while in others, it is used to add clarity to the written content. In story books the illustrations add to the entertainment value; in educational books they add to the instructional Continue Reading

How To Find An Illustrator For Children’s Book

Children’s picture books occupy a unique place in literature. This is a literary form that is not just about the story or the words; it is literature interwoven with art. In a children’s picture book, the illustrations are as critical as the text and both have to work together to make a lasting impact on the young reader. Publishing Houses Publishing houses have professional illustrators Continue Reading


Since illustrations are central to the success of children’s books, it is critical for the illustrator to get the visuals in sync with the written text. The illustrations should not just complement the narrative; they should also add to it and enhance it as much as possible.   Understand the brief   The illustrator must begin with understanding the brief. Not only should the Continue Reading


Book illustration is an art form that is used primarily to create images and pictures for books. However, use of illustrations is not just to beautify books; they are instrumental in enhancing the written content of the book. Enhancing Child Development Illustrations are widely used in children’s books because of their visual appeal and to help the child understand the text better. Illustrations Continue Reading


If you have a flair for painting and drawing and want to spend your life doing just that, then you might think of becoming an artist or an illustrator. As an illustrator you may have a slightly rocky start to your career till you are able to establish your credentials in the field. But if you have the talent, training and the right attitude, you are sure to attain success as a reputed professional Continue Reading

How to draw an OWL “vector illustration” in Adobe Illustrator

Using Adobe Illustrator Maa Illustrations has illustrated an Owl sitting. This video will be very helpful in understanding the power of Adobe Illustrator and learn some lessons on how to use the available tools in developing the skills you have to become a better illustrator. Share our educational illustration video. Thank you. FOR MORE TUTORIALS - Continue Reading