“It’s important to always read a bedtime story, else how would your dreams know where to begin?” Bedtime stories should be enjoyable to read and enjoyable to hear. Bedtime stories should be wondrously illustrated and marvelously written. Bedtime stories should be quirky, whimsical, adventurous, humorous and imaginative. Bedtime stories should be special. Bedtime stories should be magical. Continue Reading


“ebook: (noun) a book that is published in electronic form, for example on the Internet or on a disk, and not printed on paper” – Cambridge.org Most people use the two best known spellings: ebook or e-book. But there are numerous other versions of the term (eBook, Ebook) used to refer to the digital version of reading material which may include novels, short stories, research documents Continue Reading

4 Reasons Why Guided Reading is Good For Your Kid

Guided reading  is a very common form of teaching in schools. It refers to the form of collective learning, where a person reads out loud for others to hear. This form of reading helps the reader and listener to grasp information easily. It also helps teachers to correct mistakes as the reader reads out loud. This blog discusses three main reasons why guided learning is good for your kid. Improves Continue Reading

5 Reasons Why Illustrations for Kids are Important

Have you ever wondered why kids are drawn to illustrated story books than regular school textbooks? Do you think it has something to do with a popular saying," a picture is worth a thousand words"? Yes, it has something to do with it and more than that. Though the storyline is important, illustrated characters make them readable. This blog explores 5 reasons why illustrations for kids are important. Illustrations Continue Reading


  Start As Early As Possible Begin reading aloud to your child from birth, if possible! Seriously. There is ample evidence to show that this is beneficial for both the child and the caregiver. In fact, there is an entire movement geared towards making 15 minutes of daily read aloud the new parenting standard. Read Aloud 15 Minutes   is a decade-long campaign that aims to reach out to 250 Continue Reading

Tips For Picture Book Illustrations

Picture books are beautiful and people think that it is very easy to depict the pictures. They appear to be very less worded and simple to express. Some may even think everyone can do it. In reality, picture books are difficult to depict and express. While saying this, it does not mean that no one can create a picture book. Instead, say that it is difficult to get an absolute picture book with good Continue Reading

Map Illustration

There are many different kinds of maps, which are usually classified according to what they are trying to represent. Pictorial maps are a category of maps which are sometimes called illustrated maps, panoramic maps, perspective maps or bird’s-eye view maps. Pictorial maps depict a given area in an artistic style compared to the usual technical maps. The cartography could be a complex 3-D perspective Continue Reading

Illustrate Your Article Using Photographs

This article provides some tips for the writer on how to illustrate their articles. Illustrating your article can give you financial gain. It is a good way to make extra bucks. It also helps you to sell your article. Adding photographs or images is a very good idea. Now there are so many good quality digital cameras available in the market. You don’t need to be a professional photographer to get Continue Reading

Tools In Illustrator For Making Lines

Any object in an illustrated book will have a fill and a line or stroke. Lines are strokes that are seen at the edges of the objects depicted in the illustrated books. The thickness of line or stroke can be measured in terms of points and colour depth. Lines have the characteristics that influence the appearance of the illustration like caps, joins, limits, alignment, gap lengths, and dash styles. Continue Reading