Wide World Of Graphic Design Illustration

A book is a very common place where graphic design illustration is made use of in huge numbers. Graphic design illustrations help the reader to understand a concept described in the book more easily. Today it is difficult to find a book that does not have graphic design illustration in it. Some of the book in which you will find elaborate use of graphic design illustration are educational books, comic Continue Reading

Fashion Illustration As A Career

If you are interested in a career as a fashion illustrator, the first thing to do would be to gain a clear idea of the roles and responsibilities you will have in this profession. A fashion illustrator’s primary duty is to popularise the fashion industry and to present the industry in a favourite light in the media, mainly through the use of illustrations. Simply put, a fashion illustrator Continue Reading

Computer Revolution In Illustration Arena

Technology has altered the nature of the world beyond recognition and this is especially true of the illustration industry. The digital revolution has transformed the techniques and tools of the industry and the process continues at an ever faster rate. The pace of change is mind boggling, with a new trends and new software emerging every other day, making it difficult for an illustrator to keep Continue Reading

Benefits Of Joining An Illustration School

Illustration is certainly an art form but it is different from painting, drawing or any other piece of fine art. An illustration is a work of art that is used to make a point or to get a message across to the reader or the viewer. Illustration as an art form has a long history; if you have a look at any of the old books like the gospels, you can see that illustrations play a huge role in bridging Continue Reading

Creating A Cartoon Character Of Your Own

One of the most fun things about being an illustrator is the ability to draw cartoons. And the most fun thing about cartoons is sketching cartoon characters. All illustrators with a keen interest in cartoons aim to create cartoon characters of their own. While this is not especially difficult, the tricky bit is to create cartoon characters which will appeal to the target audience and carve out a space Continue Reading

The Art Of Contemporary Illustration

To define illustration is quite difficult since it covers many segments, styles and genres. Well you can say that illustration is s visual presentation f various subjects. This is done by means of drawing, painting or photograph. The art of illustration has changed a lot with the emergence of computer and World Wide Web. Different types of software are present in the market which helps you to create Continue Reading

Getting Creative With A Computer Drawing Pad

There are several indispensable things that a graphic illustrator or designer uses to create eye-catching illustration. Computer drawing pad is one among those precious tools.  It allows the graphic illustrator to give a visual representation to the ideas that immediately come to the mind of the illustrator. It enables the illustrator to depict the visual image on the mind to the computer without Continue Reading

The World of Commercial Artists or Illustrators

A commercial illustrator is a person who conveys an idea or message with graphic illustration to the intended audience. It is considered as a very exciting career full of challenge and opportunities for creating eye-catching and innovative graphic illustrations. Illustration provides the illustrators with the opportunity to convey a message to the audience in a very effective manner. This article will Continue Reading

Corporate Christmas Cards: The Beginning

Christmas is one event that is celebrated around the world in different ways. The celebration differs depending on the custom and traditions at different places. At some places there will be religious ceremonies. Every county in the world has their own way of celebrating Christmas. Purchasing gifts and cards for close friends, relatives, and distant acquaintances is a very popular scene you will Continue Reading

Learn And Have Fun With Children’s Books

Each and every child loves to spend with exciting books. They love to read books related to fantasy and life.Children’s books are specially written for kids to entertain and educate them. If you need to teach certain lessons to the children then they need to be presented in an exciting and innovative way. It needs to be interactive. Children love to read stories that have wonderful plots and adventure. Continue Reading