Sources of Income for Young Cartoonists

Everyone loves to watch cartoon. Cartoons are a part of every child’s day to day life. Children’s see it on television on daily basis. They buy toy models of their cartoon characters and even wear clothes with pictures of them. Cartoon characters are liked by the adults too. It breaks the barrier of age.  Some of the grownups still love their superhero characters and even love to read comics. Continue Reading

Increase Your Ad Revenue Using Cartoon Illustration

Cartoon illustrations are extensively used in advertisements today. It is an excellent way to communicate to the audience. It is also used in ads given in websites. If used in the right way, cartoon illustrations can attract the attention of the readers to the articles and advertisements on your website. It also ensures that you will get the maximum visitors for your website. While placing an advertisement Continue Reading

Playing With Your Creative Ideas

Cartooning is considered as a great form of art. It is not less popular than any other form of art. It is not only used to create funny environment but also used to give a lighter touch to serious issues. When you are explaining a serious issue in the newspaper you can use cartoon illustrations to reduce the seriousness in words and situations. If you have the talent and the patience to learn more Continue Reading

Learning To Draw Cartoon Characters

Creating a cartoon is very similar to drawing an image using a pencil or pen. If you are an amateur cartoon illustrator then there is one thing that you should know. The character you create should have a touch of humour to it. Artistic ability is an inborn talent. I can be also achieved by means of training. If you have a creative side in you and the ability to visualise then it is not at all difficult Continue Reading

Have the power to create a magical world as a cartoon illustrator

The world of illustration is a magical world of art, colours, creativity and uniqueness.  In the world today most of the mediums like newspapers, magazines, magazines and book publishers use illustration and the most important consumers of cartoon art.  However the number of cartoon artists looking for work way outdoes the demand. Remunerated positions are on the decrease, and most cartoonists work Continue Reading

What does taking up a Career as a Cartoon Illustrator constitute?

What does a Cartoon mean? The procedure of drawing still humorous illustration is called cartoons.  Cartoons are used in websites, online publications, blogs, magazines, print media and newspapers.  When the cartoon illustrator draws these cartoons, he draws the scenery and characters that are not realistic.  He exaggerates them and makes animals or people to appear like caricatures.  Most of Continue Reading