When Does a Children’s Book Illustrator Fail

Great illustrated books are a flawless amalgamation of words and visuals which make for publishing legends. But what happens when an illustrated book fails and how does the work of an illustrator contribute to this failure? Writer-Illustrator Mismatch Sometimes the writer-illustrator collaboration just does not work and this is reflected in the mismatch between the text and the artwork in the Continue Reading


When advice comes from a master, the best that anyone can do is to listen. And listen well!! So when one of the world’s best recognised and most well-loved illustrator, Quentin Blake lists out the rules for illustrators, it is time for them to give heed. Quentin Blake was known to work in close collaboration with the authors to bring their vision to life with his iconic illustrations. He used Continue Reading


If you are a first time children’s writer, with a picture book in the pipeline, here are a few things you should keep in mind as you go through the pre- publishing process. If your manuscript has been signed up by a traditional publisher, you will probably not be an active participant in the illustration process as most publishers have their own illustrators to do the job for them. However, if Continue Reading

The Role Of Illustration In Children’s Book

For young children who are about to start learning and reading they will find the colourful illustrations in children's book quite fascinating. Illustration means to illustrate or highlight a particular point. If you have a look at some of the earlier books in the Middle Ages such as gospels and Bible you will find thousands of illustrations. An illustration is quite different from art forms like paintings, Continue Reading