Fashion Illustration As A Career

If you are interested in a career as a fashion illustrator, the first thing to do would be to gain a clear idea of the roles and responsibilities you will have in this profession. A fashion illustrator’s primary duty is to popularise the fashion industry and to present the industry in a favourite light in the media, mainly through the use of illustrations. Simply put, a fashion illustrator Continue Reading

How to take up a career in fashion illustration

You can take the job of a fashion illustrator if you crave for fashion and have a flair for good design and art. The job of a fashion illustrator is highly competitive in nature and if you wish to work with popular fashion designers than you better prepare yourself for stiff competition.  In the field of fashion illustration there are more aspirants to the jobs than the positions themselves.  Before Continue Reading

The future of fashion illustration in the 21st Century

Fashion Illustration is statement of fashion that is created with the help of drawing, illustration and painting.  These illustrations are often usedin making of prototypes,clothes on the production line, editorial features, department stores, advertisements or fashion magazines. Fashion Illustration in Modern Times In the modern days, fashion illustration has played a significant part in history Continue Reading