When Does a Children’s Book Illustrator Fail

Great illustrated books are a flawless amalgamation of words and visuals which make for publishing legends. But what happens when an illustrated book fails and how does the work of an illustrator contribute to this failure? Writer-Illustrator Mismatch Sometimes the writer-illustrator collaboration just does not work and this is reflected in the mismatch between the text and the artwork in the Continue Reading


When advice comes from a master, the best that anyone can do is to listen. And listen well!! So when one of the world’s best recognised and most well-loved illustrator, Quentin Blake lists out the rules for illustrators, it is time for them to give heed. Quentin Blake was known to work in close collaboration with the authors to bring their vision to life with his iconic illustrations. He used Continue Reading

5 Reasons Why Illustrations for Kids are Important

Have you ever wondered why kids are drawn to illustrated story books than regular school textbooks? Do you think it has something to do with a popular saying," a picture is worth a thousand words"? Yes, it has something to do with it and more than that. Though the storyline is important, illustrated characters make them readable. This blog explores 5 reasons why illustrations for kids are important. Illustrations Continue Reading

Tips For Picture Book Illustrations

Picture books are beautiful and people think that it is very easy to depict the pictures. They appear to be very less worded and simple to express. Some may even think everyone can do it. In reality, picture books are difficult to depict and express. While saying this, it does not mean that no one can create a picture book. Instead, say that it is difficult to get an absolute picture book with good Continue Reading

Map Illustration

There are many different kinds of maps, which are usually classified according to what they are trying to represent. Pictorial maps are a category of maps which are sometimes called illustrated maps, panoramic maps, perspective maps or bird’s-eye view maps. Pictorial maps depict a given area in an artistic style compared to the usual technical maps. The cartography could be a complex 3-D perspective Continue Reading

Modern Illustration vs. Traditional Illustration

There is no denying that technology has changed the world and changed the way we conduct our personal and professional lives. Digital technology and computers have changed the way we communicate, live and work. Just like other businesses, the illustration industry has also undergone radical changes in the past decade due to technological advances. Illustrators have had to rethink traditional practices, Continue Reading

Different Perspectives In Drawing Illustration

Different Perspectives in Drawing Illustration The main goal of illustration is to make a good mental impression on the minds of the viewers or readers especially when it is a 3-dimensional figure. For example, when you look at an object that is nearer it will appear larger. And when an object is far it appears small in size. Using 3-dimensional illustrations you can create this kind of an effect. Continue Reading

Importance Of Illustration In Advertising

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” Everyone in the advertising circles is familiar with these astute words. While many advertisement campaigns owe their success to effective use of illustrations, there are numerous others which have floundered due to faulty utilization of illustrations. Visual images are the first step to grabbing the attention of the target audience. And it is only by Continue Reading

Is It Beneficial To Hire An Illustration Agency

Every day the challenges faced by marketing departments are many. There is tough competition in the market. So to get the attention of the target audience the business organizations need to have a strong presence in different mediums used for communication that include print, television and online mediums. Advertisement can make a lot of difference to your sale and customer base.  But an advertisement Continue Reading

Wide World Of Graphic Design Illustration

A book is a very common place where graphic design illustration is made use of in huge numbers. Graphic design illustrations help the reader to understand a concept described in the book more easily. Today it is difficult to find a book that does not have graphic design illustration in it. Some of the book in which you will find elaborate use of graphic design illustration are educational books, comic Continue Reading