The Art of Creative Lettering

We will begin with the Franklin Gothic Heavy lettering font with a point size of 228. Type the word Design or whichever word your prefer. Click on Expand. Now we want to use the Envelope Distort option of Make with Warp. Go to Envelope Distort > Make with Warp. Use the Arc and set Bend to 30%. Choose the Mesh tool. And create lines at the sides and lower bottom of Continue Reading

The Art of Creating Lettering for Signage

By means of this tutorial you will learn to create lettering for a signage for bait shop. Create a background layer and fill it with a colour. Select the Type tool and use the font shown below. Select the A and R. then make the desired changes to the vertical scale and baseline shift. Choose Create Outlines. Curve the text using Warp Options with an Arch of 32%. Use Expand Appearance Continue Reading