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Illustration in books is not a new work of art. It has been in use for several decades. If you have a look at most of the books like the religious books, novels, poetry, etc you will come across many pages dedicated to illustrations alone. You may find exceptional illustrations in each chapter in these books. For example, have a look at the gospels itself. Most of the pages have illustrations of the characters in the book.

Illustration is different from other piece of fine arts such as paintings and drawings. This is mainly because the theme of the focus of illustration is the subject of the story. Illustration is used in various kinds of books to convey the message in the story or article in an effective and attractive manner to the readers. If you are a book author looking for an illustrator in the UK then Maa Illustrations is the place for you.

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Importance of Illustration Today

Many a time we have heard that a picture is worth more than thousand words. Now illustration is extensively used in advertisements for print and visual media, educational books, instruction manuals, children’s books, websites, etc. Corporate companies consider illustrations as a cost-effective way to advertise their products and services. Why is it used so commonly in children’s books? Illustration is believed to be the most useful method to convey a message effectively to the viewer or reader. Children, who are yet to learn, understand the world around them through pictures. At a young age, children relate to images better than the words. They learn the meaning of words through the illustrations. There are numerous books available in stores especially meant for children who are taking their first step to the infinite world of words. Books for kids such as comic books, story books, rhymes, and many more use a lot of illustrations.

Qualities of a Good Illustrator

A good book Illustrator is as important as the author of the book. If you are planning to give your book to a publishing company then you don’t need to hire an illustrator. Most of the publishing companies today have book illustrators. But, if you are interested to have total control over the content and the images used in the book then better hire an illustrator. These are some of the features you should look for in an illustrator:

  • The illustrator should closely works with the author for creating illustrations that suits the book.
  • A good book illustrator should receive criticism constructively and meet deadlines.
  • Book illustrator should be able to make appropriate designs that appeal to varied audience belonging to different ages, genders, backgrounds, and ideas.
  • Illustrators should be able interpret the content of the book and designs illustrations accordingly.
  • A good book illustrator identifies the tone of the book.

Where to Look for Best Illustrators?

Books illustrators are very much in demand today. For all kinds of book you need an illustrator to work on the images. Where can you find a good illustrator if you are planning to publish the story in your hand? You can find all the best and experienced book illustrators at Maa Illustrations. From the long list of our talented illustrators you can choose the most suitable one for you. We are one of the leading and affordable book illustration service providers in the UK. You can find a pool of talented and experienced team of illustrators in our company.

Outsource to India for Talented Book Illustrators

You can get very talented and highly experienced book illustrators from Maa Illustrations to handle all the projects outsourced to us. We are one of the best service providers in illustration around the world. Our expert and talented team of illustrators takes care of illustration designs required for the cover pages, inside pages, verse/poetry, advertisements, publishing agencies, etc for all kinds of books.

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