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Maa Illustrations is a premier illustration company with specialization in creation of world class visual effects and computer animation. We have extensive experience in working with a broad spectrum of media platforms. Our expertise extends to the entire cartooning range- cartoon drawings, mascot creation, comic strips, comic books and film animation.

We’re professional, flexible, quick to deliver and committed to complete customer satisfaction.

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Mascot Creation

Our experience in the field helps us build stand-out brand mascots that can cut through the advertising clutter and enable your target audience to identify and remember your brand. The mascots we create will give your company a ‘face’ and take on the role of ‘spokesperson’ for your company and your products. This will not just build emotional connections but also enable effective communication between you and your consumer.

Mascots are especially relevant as marketing tools in this age of mobile and social media and our creations have been seen widely on internet, television, films, commercials, product demos etc. We use latest digital printing technology to generate an array of cartoons - single colored, group colored, single black & white and group black & white. Our customized cartoon drawings are wildly popular for the striking color schemes, fonts, images, designs and styles

We have the skill to create memorable brand mascots for schools, professional sports teams and sports companies. Our corporate brands include companies that market specifically for families and children.

Artists, Illustrators, Innovators

Maa Illustrations is a hub of creativity and innovation, producing a fresh and original concept for each new project. We hire only the best and our artists are accomplished designers and experienced illustrators who believe in keeping up with the ever-changing trends in the industry. Our mascots offer you a competitive edge when it comes to marketing, increasing both the web traffic and the sales of your company.

Our cartoon character creation services

  • Custom made mascots and cartoons
  • Free story board
  • Unlimited options for mascot creation
  • Unlimited changes for customer satisfaction
  • Unbeatable price
  • Final art work supplied in any desired format
  • All rights (Copyright) held by the client
  • A dedicated project manager for each client

Outsourcing Expertise

India is the top destination for illustration projects. In fact, 66 per cent of publishing buyers from US and UK prefer to outsource to India over other competitors. The reason for this outsourcing boom to India is clear - cost advantage and high quality output. We undertake complete and efficient organization of affordable, high-quality illustration from India. Under the guidance of Maa Illustrations, you can now enjoy the same cost benefits of outsourcing as these large corporations without compromising on the artistic integrity.

At Maa Illustration, we believe in building long term relationships with every, single client. To that end, we offer unique products and services at amazingly reasonable prices. To understand why our clients stay loyal to us, contact us or visit our website for your illustration requirements.

Clients Case Studies

Our Clients Case Studies

A brief summary of our clients and the projects we have successfully completed. We have a diverse client base across the world

Outsource Illustrations to India

Why Outsource Illustrations to India

The reasons to outsource to India are clear - cost advantage, high quality output and prompt delivery

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