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Educational illustrations promote effective learning by providing visual explanation of the written content. And of course, a picture is worth a thousand words!!

Since images are critical in promoting visual associations in learners, accurate and appropriate illustrations are vital for any educational content. The illustrators at our design studio undergo exhaustive training in advanced drawing methods and styles to ensure perfect delivery for each client. Every production that rolls off our drawing board is a high quality visual, accurate in terms of dimensions and proportions.

Why Choose Maa Illustrations

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Why our clients stay loyal to us?

  • Choice of over 30 illustration styles
  • Custom made illustrations.
  • Illustrators with specific skills in educational illustrations.
  • Unlimited changes for customer satisfaction
  • First proof within 4 working days
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Final art work supplied in any desired format (High resolution PDF, TIFF, EPS etc.)
  • All illustration Copyrights held by writer/publisher
  • A dedicated project manager for each client

With an eye for detail, unique artistic perspective and absolute representational accuracy, our illustrators have the skills and experience to satisfy any customer requirement.

We offer you the flexibility of unlimited changes in artwork and the first proofs within 4 days. We are professional, flexible and reliable. All our amazing services are available to you at extremely competitive prices.

Are you looking for an Educational illustrator?

Maa illustrations has educational illustrators with expertise in a wide range of artistic styles and a deep understanding of pedagogy. This gives us a unique perspective in creation of pictorial content that is not only accurate but also aesthetically appealing; no matter how complex the written content, the learner “gets it” at just one glance.

Our expertise includes
  • Academic Illustrations
  • Medical Illustrations
  • Geographical illustrations
  • Kindergarten text book Illustrations
  • Primary school text book Illustrations
  • Secondary school text book Illustrations
  • Designs for scientific publications
  • Illustrations for school web sites and interactive media

We have vast experience in creating illustrations in textbooks, professional journals, educational films, computer-assisted learning programs, exhibits, presentations, and magazines.

Outsource Your Educational Illustration to India

A vast majority of the top publishing firms (up to 66%) from UK and USA outsource their illustration projects to India. The reason for this outsourcing boom to India is high quality output alongside a clear cost advantage for the project. Maa Illustrations can guide you in completing your project efficiently with high quality illustrations from India. Under the guidance of MaaIllustrations, your project can also enjoy the same cost benefits of outsourcing as these large corporations.

Our Illustration Process

  • In collaboration with you, we collect every little detail of the illustration required by you. This is the prequel to creating accurate and appropriate visuals for your educational content.
  • Based on this information, we will create some pencil sketches of the visuals. The initial sketches can be subject to unlimited sketches and alterations, until we have your approval. We will stop only when you are ready too!
  • On approval of the sketch, we will work with you on detailed description of each illustration required.
  • The illustrations created will be finalised only after you are completely satisfied. Even at this stage we provide you with the flexibility of unlimited alterations.
  • Once the illustrations are finalized by you, we begin adding color to the sketches using the precise art of color discrimination. You have the flexibility to make any minor alterations (eg. changing of color) you may require at this stage.
  • The final product will be sent to you in JPG or PDF format. On request, any other format you require can be provided.

Illustrations and Animations for e-learning

E-learning and teaching resources rely heavily on illustrations and animations to engage the learner. In the digital format, pictorial depictions and visual expressions are used to clarify complex concepts and ease the learning process. Our illustrators are trained to deliver these visual aids in a range of styles, as per the content requirement. The final product will be made available in a format that you can insert straight into your e-learning content.

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