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Medical illustration is a specialized art discipline that requires a flair for both artistic and scientific methods. The medical illustrators at Maa Illustrations undergo exhaustive training not only in a range of art styles but also in biological and medical science This makes our illustrators not just accomplished artists but also effective biomedical communicators. The medical illustrations created at our design studio are a harmonious blend of technical precision and visual appeal. We specialize in translating complex medical concepts into clear and accurate images for enhanced viewer interest and understanding.

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Why our clients stay loyal to us?

  • Choice of over 30 illustration styles
  • Custom made illustrations.
  • Illustrators with specific skills in medical illustrations.
  • Unlimited changes for customer satisfaction
  • First proof within 4 working days
  • Unbeatable price
  • Final art work supplied in any desired format.
  • All rights (Copyright) held by the clientt
  • A dedicated project manager for each client

We are professional, flexible and committed to providing complete customer satisfaction. You can expect the delivery of the first proofs within 4 days and completion of your project at a highly competitive rate.

Are you looking for a medical illustrator?

If you are looking for a proficient medical illustrator who has the ability to produce professional medical visuals for specific client needs, Maa Illustrations is the provider for you. Our experience spans a wide range media including production of visual content for medical advertisements, medical textbooks, professional journals and magazines, e-learning, animations and web-based media.

Our Illustration Process

  • Our collaboration with our client begins with collection of every little detail of the illustration required; a process that ensures the creation of precise and appropriate content.
  • Based on this collaboration, we create a couple of pencil sketches of the images. The client can avail of unlimited sketches and alterations.
  • On approval of the final sketch, we work with the client on detailed description of each illustration required.
  • The illustrations created are finalized only after client approval. Even at this stage we provide the flexibility of unlimited alterations.
  • Color is added to the approved sketches using the precise art of color discrimination, giving the client the option of minor alterations (eg. changing of color).
  • The final illustration can be delivered to the client in any format requested.

Outsource Your Medical Illustration to India

India is the top outsourcing destination for illustration projects. 66 per cent of publishing buyers from US and UK prefer to outsource to India over other competitors. The reason for this outsourcing boom to India is clear - cost advantage and high quality output. Under the guidance of Maa Illustrations, you can now enjoy the same cost benefits of outsourcing as these large corporations. We undertake complete and efficient organization of affordable, high-quality illustration from India.

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