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Since 2006 our family-run business has helped over 1207 happy customers to fulfil their Illustration and publishing needs. We'd love you to be next.

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Every portrait by Maa Illustration is a thing of beauty. Our illustrators are skilled at capturing subtle emotions and depth of character to produce stunning likeness of the original. We design portraits and caricature in a range of styles and techniques - realistic portraits, Stylized portraits, cartoon-style caricature, pencil-sketch portraits. Our illustrators are trained in the use of traditional techniques (pencil drawing, ink, watercolor, Oil paint) as well as digital technology to create unique and picture-perfect portraits.

Why Choose Maa Illustrations

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Our unique portraits and caricature services included:

  • Choice of a wide range of illustration styles
  • Custom made portraits
  • Unlimited changes for customer satisfaction
  • Unbeatable price
  • Final art work supplied in any desired format
  • All rights (Copyright) held by the client
  • A dedicated project manager for each client

Who we are and what we do

Maa Illustrations is a premier illustration company with specialization in creation of world class visual effects and computer animation. We have extensive experience in working with a broad spectrum of media platforms. We're professional, flexible, reliable and quick to deliver.

Portraits designed by Maa Illustrations are used widely across every kind of media - print, television, social media. Our portraits have been used in books, book covers, posters, corporate brochures, corporate websites, advertisements and in the entertainment industry. They are also put to personal use- to commemorate a special family occasion or to design personal memorabilia like t-shirts and mugs.

Outsourcing Expertise

A large number of top corporations in both USA and UK outsource their illustration projects to India. The reason for this outsourcing boom to India is high quality output alongside a clear cost advantage for the project. Maa Illustrations can guide you in completing your project with efficient organization of affordable, high-quality illustration from India. Under the guidance of Maa Illustrations, your project can also enjoy the same cost benefits of outsourcing as these large corporations.

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