Building a Cityscape

Building a Cityscape

Want to know how to create a cityscape in Illustrator. Then read on.

Create a square as a grid on layer 1. Lock it.

Use the Pen tool to mark the coloured on Layer 2.

In the 4th layer, make a white line following the angle of the gray area. Duplicate that line and select the end point and move it upwards. Lock the layer.

Using the Pen tool you have to draw buildings.

Make windows.

Select the end portion of each building with windows and group them. Use Free Distort to manipulate. After you apply it to the first one, just access Filter and choose Apply Free Distort to get the same measurements.

For adding more background buildings, duplicate them and apply only a stroke colour of white. Send those images to the back.

On a new you can create an outline of the fence. Use the Line tool to create one line at one end and one line at the far end. Now, use the Blend tool in Specified Steps set it to 60 and blend them.

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