Creating Aboriginal Art in Illustrator CS3

Looking for an easy way to create aboriginal art? Then read on.
Open Photoshop. Create a new document of 800 x 600 px. Create a brush of size 35 to get spacing as shown below..

You can see the artwork I created. I saved it as a JPEG.

We require 3 layers. Size of the document is 800 x 600 px. Keep rectangle in layer 1 and layer 2. Make the Photoshop file in layer 3.

Select the layer and apply Simple Trace from Live Trace.

Select Expand next.

Now unlock the layer. Then choose everything on the artboard expect the first layer. From the pathfinder select Divide option. Navigate to the menu and select Expand.

Use the Direct Selection tool and pick the brown rectangle. Use the arrow keys smoothly move the piece upwards.

Make use of the Knife tool to cut out sections.

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