Drawing a Bevelled Star

Let us see how we can make a bevelled star in Illustrator in 7 or less than 7 steps.

Step 1:

create a vertical path

Step 2:

Select the path.

Navigate to Effect>Transform. Enter Rotate Angle value as 36° and Copies as 4. Click OK

Step 3:

Move to Object>Expand Appearance. By performing this action you will get 5 paths, grouped.

Step 4:

Draw a star. Hold down Shift and Option to constrain it to a right-side-up, 5-pointed star.

Step 5:

Align the star in centre and the line group horizontally. Move the star up or down so that each line bisects the star’s points.

Step 6:

Choose the star and the lines and move to Pathfinder>Divide.


Step 7:

Using the Live paint bucket give colour to every shape for the bevelled look.

This is the final result.

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