Making an Interesting Flower in Illustrator CS3

In this tutorial you will see how to create an interesting flower design in Illustrator.

Draw a circle. At the top of the circle draw a rectangle. Pick the Direction tool and choose each bottom corners of the circle and tap the arrow key seven times for each side.

Try to give a generic gradient.

Create a new gradient. Drop it in the Swatches palette.

Choose the Gradient tool.

Eliminate the stroke.

Put the reference point to the bottom.

Choose the Rotate tool. Navigate to the View mode and place the anchor point to the centre of the circle.

Press the Alt key and shift the first copy into place. After that, press Control+D a few times.

Give a circular version of the gradient to the centre of the circle.

Duplicate the flower and reduce its size.

Choose Ungroup and delete the orb at the centre. Now your flower looks different.

Rotate the flower parts at the top to place it between the petals. Then make change to the mode to Difference.

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