Use of Spraying Tool in Illustrator

In this tutorial we will learn to draw the leaves of a tree using the Spraying tool.

Step 1 Creating Symbols

Make a few symbols to work with. Instead of creating a symbol of only one leaf, draw groups of leaves and make them separate symbols. To do this, just choose the group of leaves and drag & drop them in the Symbols palette.

Step 2 - Set the Symbol Sprayer Tool

Double click the Symbol Sprayer Tool and adjust the settings. Here, I have used an intensity of 7 and a Symbol Set Density of 5and also changed all dropdown menus to "User Defined".

Step 3 – Using the spray

Once you land on the desired setting you can start spraying around. Just click and drag to spray. Release the mouse when you have enough leaves. Deselect each time you release the mouse. This way will get separate sprayings, so that you can move them around and rearrange them.

You can also use Symbol Shifter, Cruncher, Sizer, Spinner, Stainer, Screener or Styler Tool in the Symbol Sprayer Tool to experiment more.

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