Different Perspectives In Drawing Illustration

Different Perspectives in Drawing Illustration

The main goal of illustration is to make a good mental impression on the minds of the viewers or readers especially when it is a 3-dimensional figure. For example, when you look at an object that is nearer it will appear larger. And when an object is far it appears small in size. Using 3-dimensional illustrations you can create this kind of an effect. In order to create such an illustration you have to be very careful while using symmetry.  There are three kinds of perspectives in drawing. They are one-point perspective, two-point perspective, and moving forward.

The One-Point Perspective

Take a pencil and draw a horizontal line on paper. Since he line is at the level of the eye of the artist the line is called ‘eye level line’. This is the line farthest from you. This line is usually parallel to the bottom line and top line of the paper. Add a dot to the centre of this line. This is called the vanishing point. This is the point where all the line of the picture that retreats appears to merge. You can use both the horizon lines in the paper to make the picture look small or large. You can use many variations to create different types of images and shapes from these lines. You can experiment with these line or add a few more to them to create exciting images and shapes.

The Two-Point Perspective

The one point perspective is the most basic perspective in creating a 3-dimensional illustration. Now we are going to talk about two- point perspective. Take a new sheet and using the pencil and draw a horizon line or eye level line. Again mark the vanishing point but this time you have to mark two vanishing points. One vanishing point should be opposite to the other vanishing point. Now what you need to do is draw lines from these vanishing points that points outward. Then add vertical lines to give it the shape of a cube. You can see that the vertical line on the paper appear to be parallel.  When you look at the figure you will feel that you are seeing the top half and the bottom half of a cube.

Moving Forward

The next type of perspective is called moving forward. If you are now familiar with the two perspectives mentioned above, then its time to look at the third one. This is a more advanced kind of drawing.  In this perspective we have to add a third vanishing point on the horizon line. This will provide us with a panoramic view. If you have to get this right you need to be very familiar with the other two perspectives. In this kind of a perspective you have to place the first two points at a wide distance. This might be hard to do at first but with practice you can achieve it.

If you work hard on these three perspectives then in future you don’t need to draw these perspectives to create a 3 dimensional illustration.

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