Fashion Illustration As A Career


If you are interested in a career as a fashion illustrator, the first thing to do would be to gain a clear idea of the roles and responsibilities you will have in this profession. A fashion illustrator’s primary duty is to popularise the fashion industry and to present the industry in a favourite light in the media, mainly through the use of illustrations. Simply put, a fashion illustrator is the intermediary between the fashion industry and its audience. A difficult role no doubt, but one which can easily  be accomplished by a skilful fashion illustrator.

Illustration Skills: A fashion illustrator should have great artistic skills as well as adequate knowledge of audience tastes in order to gain attention of the lay public. This task is made somewhat easier by the current media focus on the glitz and glamour of celebrity lifestyles. Both television and fashion magazines have managed to generate a keen interest in fashion among their audience. A fashion illustrator has to use his visual communication skills to sustain this public interest and present the latest trends in the industry in a manner that will grab eyeballs.

Communication Skills: In addition to being well versed in all the tools used for illustration, a fashion illustrator should also have strong verbal communication skills since he has to deal with an array of people (clients, designers, models, and media) on a regular basis. An ability to communicate effectively and convey ideas and concepts can go a long way in gaining success and popularity in the industry circles.

Creation Skills: Fashion illustrators are known to develop different types of patterns which are useful for the people working in the garment production line. They create the design of the garments and instructions for producing the garments.

Head Start: Possession of these above mentioned skills is a good start on the road to success as a fashion illustrator. Thereafter you have to identify the branch of fashion designing (clothes, accessories, bags, shoes) that interests you. In addition, you need to choose the target audience (general, men, women, children) to focus on. Getting trained at a reputed fashion house can help you polish your skills and give you an idea of the inner workings of the fashion industry.

Having the right skill set and experience gives you the freedom to choose; you can become a freelance fashion illustrator or you can work fulltime within the industry. Fashion illustration is often referred to as a visual luxury and it can provide for a long, satisfying career if planned well.

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