Illustration: Importance Of Individual Style

Illustration begins with drawing. For some artists drawing is an inborn talent and for others it is achieved through a period of learning. Drawing is the basic foundation of all visual arts especially in the case of illustration. To create an illustration is not at all easy. You require immense patience and a lot of practice.

If you have the skill for drawing then you need to enhance. Then only you can create good illustrations. You need to work hard to horn your talent in drawing. In order to become a successful illustrator you have to bring perfection and clarity to your drawing. Though the place of illustration is secondary it is still very important. You cannot stray from the perfection part it requires.

This is where an artist’s skill and vision comes into play. Both these factors get teamed up to create the perfect picture. This is where creating an illustration becomes fun and challenging. You have to capture the meaning of a book or an editorial and convey it to the audience. This is the main role of illustration.

The knowledge of how to draw the best illustration needs some brainstorming. It is very important to get the essence of a story to create illustration. If you are drawing characters for a story you need to depict the emotions of the character in the right manner according to the situations described in the book. Otherwise the reader will misinterpret the characters and the story line. The aim of the illustration in the story is to bring clarity not confusion.

If you look at the use of style in illustration, you can see that one style is entirely different from the other and the next and so on. It is like the sunset. You won’t see the same sunset tomorrow that you have seen today.The style of illustration varies depending upon the human expression. You may find two artists with the same abilities but the thinking and visual sense of both these artists will be totally different. Both of them will interpret the same situation given to them in different ways.

Every artist should have a style of his own since it is essential to communicate and entertain the readers or viewers. But you should not overdo it. This will spoil the whole purpose of using illustration. The main function of the illustration is to support. The visual expression of a particular situation or an idea is the main job of illustration.

It is advisable not to copy the style of any other artist. In the long run you will lose your identity as an artist. So it is better to develop a style of your own. In the beginning you might not have a style of your own. You have to learn others style initially to discover your own style. Illustration brings life to a story through picturesque details.

But the main aspect that makes illustration perfect is when the illustrations used in a book or any other communication material covey the meaning without any flaw to the audience. Though the purpose of an illustration is to support the content of the text, you may find some of the illustrations eye-catching and be inviting.

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