Learning To Draw Cartoon Characters

Creating a cartoon is very similar to drawing an image using a pencil or pen. If you are an amateur cartoon illustrator then there is one thing that you should know. The character you create should have a touch of humour to it. Artistic ability is an inborn talent. I can be also achieved by means of training. If you have a creative side in you and the ability to visualise then it is not at all difficult to chase your dream to become a successful cartoon illustrator.

Those who are interested to take up cartoon illustration as a career have various options to enhance and polish their ability to draw. There are many institutions that train in animation and illustration. They can join for a good training program to learn various type or art forms. You can also get study materials from which you can learn how to draw cartoon characters. These books will provide you small tips and techniques to fine-tune your drawing skills.  All you need is the determination to practise and time to dedicate.

Choose simple images. They are easier to draw. Simple shapes are the best way to begin with. You can use shapes like square, triangle, rectangles, and circles to create cartoon characters. You can change the basic form of these shapes and experiment with them to create funny images. By this way you can think of various shades for your character. For example try to make a cartoon head using any of the shapes. It will be interesting.

You can make almost anything out of these shapes. If want to be a cartoonist then get ready to experiment. You can create various kinds of characters using these shapes. The shape of a tear drop or a circle is good choices for drawing a head. Accordingly you can choose shapes from which you can create the whole character and complete it. The various shapes and shades you give the character can give a personality to it.

After experimenting with the shapes you can go on to give expression to face of the character you have created. Facial feature is an important aspect of any cartoon character. It needs a lot of practice to get the exact facial expression. Don’t worry if you are getting it for initial drawings. It requires immense patience to draw a cartoon character or illustration.

Then you can move on the body part. Now you can work on the chest and torso of the character. You can use the same shapes you have experimented with earlier to create the body parts. It is not easy to get a perfect shape in the beginning but it is not hard too. Just practise as much as you can. Think of the favourite cartoon characters you like. How they look and behave. This will inspire you to get more creative ideas.

The key is to practise and spend as much time as possible on the image. You can get it write once you have got the shapes right.

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