Use Of Graphic Illustration In Marketing Materials

When a company launches a new product or reinvents a product they need to promote it in the market. To get a strong hold in the marketplace companies use creative and innovative methods. This can range from simple marketing strategies to the most complex ones. In case of companies with fewer budgets there are several inexpensive marketing tools. For advertising the product companies use almost all the mass media available today to reach their target audience. This is where illustration comes into play. Given below are some of the marketing and communication materials used by the companies for promoting their products and services. All these materials require graphic illustration.

  1. Flyer: this is one such material that is considered as a good tool for communication. It is a commonly used material for marketing or launching a product or service in the market. Graphic illustration is used in the flyer to give a new and innovative look to the product. Flyers have limited space to communicate the message to the public. So it requires eye-catching graphic illustrations to attract the attention of the public. Post card: Another promotional material is the postcard. It is quite different from the flyer.Illustration is used in postcards to do artistic work.  Business organizations can use postcard to launch a new product with a chain of graphic illustrations.
  1. Leaflet: A leaflet is quick and easy to deliver because of its compact size. It is printed on a single page with limited information. A leaflet is used to deliver an instant message to the public. It is intended to deliver the message to a targeted audience. For example, if a company is launching a new product, they can use the leaflet o advertise that product. In this leaflet you don’t need to give an elaborate description of the company. You are talking about a specific product and you are introducing it to the public.
  1. Brochure: Brochures are mainly targeted at the prospective customers. It is the most effective way to communicate to the clients and the customers. They have to be well designed and well arranged. You need to take into consideration all the minute details like colour, design, font, size and quality of print. Above all these elements the most significant element that you need to consider with utmost care is the layout of the brochure.
  1. Logo: A logo is the face of a company.  It is very essential tool in creating a brand image for the company. It reflects a company’s credibility and professionalism. A logo is used to promote the business of a company in the market. It represents the company’s image and character. Through the logo the company can also convey its message to the customers. If your company has an attractive logo half of the work is done in grabbing the attention of the customers.

When you use illustration in the promotional materials of a company it can give a fresh look to the product and service offered by them.

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