Adding Humour in Children’s book

According to Roald Dahl, humour is the key to being an effective children’s writer. And he was probably right if the ever increasing sale of humorous books is any indication of the direction in which children’s publishing is headed.But while children love a good laugh, how exactly does a children’s author go about injecting humour into a book? What is it that will make the young reader break Continue Reading

10 best alternatives to Adobe Illustrator

10 BEST ALTERNATIVES TO ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR If Adobe Illustrator does not fit into your budget or is too complicated for a casual user like you, don’t press the panic button as yet! Here are 10 great alternatives that are easy on the pocket and fun to use as well. Inkscape This program is very popular with designers and illustrators because it can create the most amazing vector effects. Continue Reading

An Illustration company to manage

Don’t be pushed by problems, be led by solutions. Often, problems are just guidelines to future success. Identifying and resolving them leads to a better, stronger future. This is true of both people and companies. When you are running an illustration company, you will face the usual problems of corporate variety, as well as problems specific to the creative field.But the first step is always Continue Reading

An Illustration Agency into Success

If You Fail to Plan, You Plan to Fail. While the formula for success may be different for each company, there are some basic business rules that cut across industry lines. All companies, including those in creative business, need to abide by these rules if they are to have a real chance at success. If you are an artist, planning on starting an illustration agency or have already found one, here Continue Reading

Create Easter Egg on Adobe Illustrator

Hope you enjoyed the previous Adobe illustrator tutorials made by Maa Illustrations to help you make illustrations for children's Illustrations, Educational Illustrations, Technical Illustrations, Logo Illustrations, Vector illustrations. Illustration Agency helps to create illustrations for your book is now helping students to get an idea to create great illustrators, trusted illustrators, affordable Continue Reading

When Does a Children’s Book Illustrator Fail

Great illustrated books are a flawless amalgamation of words and visuals which make for publishing legends. But what happens when an illustrated book fails and how does the work of an illustrator contribute to this failure? Writer-Illustrator Mismatch Sometimes the writer-illustrator collaboration just does not work and this is reflected in the mismatch between the text and the artwork in the Continue Reading

How to write a picture book

If you are a writer, then your resolution for 2017 should be to write a children’s book, preferably a picture book. It’s a tough but exciting process that every writer needs to experience in order to hone her craft. Here are a few guidelines for budding picture book writers. The Story Brainstorm for story ideas that have universal appeal. Choose a genre which fits your writing style and interest. Continue Reading