Make a book by teacher

If you have written a children’s book, fiction or nonfiction, it is time for you to think about creating a teacher’s guide for your book. Doing so will dramatically expand the market for your book since you will in a position to promote your book for use in classrooms. Benefits If you have managed to write an entire chapter book for children, writing a 32-page teacher’s guide should not Continue Reading


  Start As Early As Possible Begin reading aloud to your child from birth, if possible! Seriously. There is ample evidence to show that this is beneficial for both the child and the caregiver. In fact, there is an entire movement geared towards making 15 minutes of daily read aloud the new parenting standard. Read Aloud 15 Minutes   is a decade-long campaign that aims to reach out to 250 Continue Reading

Tips For Picture Book Illustrations

Picture books are beautiful and people think that it is very easy to depict the pictures. They appear to be very less worded and simple to express. Some may even think everyone can do it. In reality, picture books are difficult to depict and express. While saying this, it does not mean that no one can create a picture book. Instead, say that it is difficult to get an absolute picture book with good Continue Reading

Benefits Of Joining An Illustration School

Illustration is certainly an art form but it is different from painting, drawing or any other piece of fine art. An illustration is a work of art that is used to make a point or to get a message across to the reader or the viewer. Illustration as an art form has a long history; if you have a look at any of the old books like the gospels, you can see that illustrations play a huge role in bridging Continue Reading

Learn And Have Fun With Children’s Books

Each and every child loves to spend with exciting books. They love to read books related to fantasy and life.Children’s books are specially written for kids to entertain and educate them. If you need to teach certain lessons to the children then they need to be presented in an exciting and innovative way. It needs to be interactive. Children love to read stories that have wonderful plots and adventure. Continue Reading

The Role Of Illustration In Children’s Book

For young children who are about to start learning and reading they will find the colourful illustrations in children's book quite fascinating. Illustration means to illustrate or highlight a particular point. If you have a look at some of the earlier books in the Middle Ages such as gospels and Bible you will find thousands of illustrations. An illustration is quite different from art forms like paintings, Continue Reading