Increase Your Ad Revenue Using Cartoon Illustration

Cartoon illustrations are extensively used in advertisements today. It is an excellent way to communicate to the audience. It is also used in ads given in websites. If used in the right way, cartoon illustrations can attract the attention of the readers to the articles and advertisements on your website. It also ensures that you will get the maximum visitors for your website. While placing an advertisement Continue Reading

Children Book Characters

Children like animals and birds. They like to watch animals and hear animal stories. That is why most of the authors make animals as the central characters in their children stories. Even though the stories are about the intentions and desires of humans, the characters are animals with human behaviors and characteristics. The main reason for the use of animals in children stories is that the authors Continue Reading

How to organize the production of a beautiful illustrated picture book for children

Before you plan to produce a picture book you should decide who your target audience will be.  Are you planning the picture book for a toddler or for younger children?  Picture books are read by everybody but mostly picture books are popular among toddlers and kindergartners.  Most of the older kids read story books or novels.  Mostly parents try to get a picture book for the younger children.  Continue Reading

Choosing the right picture illustrations and right books for children

Beautifully illustrated text books enhance the students learning capacity.  Even the research conducted over the years proves this.  It is ascertained from the research undertaken in the recent past that story books used at the earlier stage of life do help greatly in acquiring learning skills and moulding the character of the child. This contributes to the child’s overall intellectual development Continue Reading

How to Publish Children’s Books and make it more Interesting!

Books are a wonderful source of knowledge for children.  They introduce children to an amazing new world of wisdom and knowledge.  It familiarizes the children with people of different cultures and traditions that they may not come in touch with in real life. They also help in increasing their vocabulary, rousing their curiosity and exploring their imagination.  This in turn helps in their intellectual Continue Reading