When Does a Children’s Book Illustrator Fail

Great illustrated books are a flawless amalgamation of words and visuals which make for publishing legends. But what happens when an illustrated book fails and how does the work of an illustrator contribute to this failure? Writer-Illustrator Mismatch Sometimes the writer-illustrator collaboration just does not work and this is reflected in the mismatch between the text and the artwork in the Continue Reading

Career Opportunities For Illustration Designers

Illustrations are usually meant to accompany the content of newspapers, magazine articles, story books, websites, children’s books, educational books, journals, newsletters, brochure, flyers, etc. the purpose of the illustration is to simplify the content. If the content is followed by an illustration it provides better understanding to the reader or the viewer. Do you have the talent to draw and Continue Reading

Benefits Of Joining An Illustration School

Illustration is certainly an art form but it is different from painting, drawing or any other piece of fine art. An illustration is a work of art that is used to make a point or to get a message across to the reader or the viewer. Illustration as an art form has a long history; if you have a look at any of the old books like the gospels, you can see that illustrations play a huge role in bridging Continue Reading